What i hope for in the 2018 nfl draft

Need a go to guy for Dak, that’s first priority, a playmaker.

Good pick, a choice for Cowboys’s 1st pick. Hope his neck is healed and strong, its a worry.

Did we just take a LB with injury concerns to bolster our Red Cross linebacker Corp? Wow

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I was worried when I heard neck injury too. But right after we took him I wanted to trade for the 20th pick and take DJ Moore. Then the draft could have gone where ever.
The way PLAYERS (Aikman/S. Smith) were talking MOORE got me excited. (relax)

I really wanted some deep speed at wr, but you will never hear me complain about taking defense. I thought the clowns should have taken Barkley first and gotten Mayfield with the 4th pick. At least one of them would be the best player at their position. The last place I wanted him was NEW York


My random thoughts about last night…
I don’t mind the Vander Esch pick, I just hope it’s not another Bobby Carpenter

Am I the only one sick of seeing the Cowboys war room make a pick 2 mins in, but insist on waiting until time runs out to announce it? All the while looking into the camera/screen smiling like a bunch of bozos who stole a cookie?

Before the Dallas pick when the great 88’s came out…WTF was big head Colleen Wolfe doing out there? She’s a freaking eagle fan! This is what I mean about Eagle fan, they’re so miserable they can’t even ENJOY winning a SB without rubbing someone’s nose in it. The gods gave them a shot and they’re screwing it up! Go eat horse s***!

Lastly, I hate Rich Eisen. I could yoke him until his bald head popped off…

but I digress

I was really pissed that neither broadcast showed Drew after last year’s draft

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Vander Each looks skinny at his weight. I wonder how much bulk he can add before it takes away his speed …

he’s listed at 256

I don’t know who nauseates me more Eisen or Costas. They are both so fake they make me want to puke. Costas “social conscious” BS makes him the worst, upon further review

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I saw that. He looks like he could easily put on another 20. I wonder how his pass rush skills look

lol you’re making him a DE?

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He looks like he could be one of those huge ILs like the Squealers used to have in Kirkland, etc. I hope the team didn’t make another bad risky decision

Rumor is they wanted him. Kirkland was 280. I remember Novacek exposing him in that SB

to be fair Novachek exposed a LOT of people. He is the best receiving TE in team history IMO

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Looks like the dude who wrote that article thinks the same thing you do about him putting on weight

Actually it is a valid question, how much weight can he put on and still maintain his speed and lateral movement?

He is certainly big enough to play LB. He has some explosiveness. Hopefully he can stay healthy. Getting stronger and more muscular would help in that regard.

I’m sure they’ll work on him. What’s your thoughts on the pick so far? I knew once Vea and Payne were gone they were taking a LB or safety. I laugh that all these people convinced themselves they would focus on WR.

I was think D or D line from the door