What i hope for in the 2018 nfl draft

With edmunds smith and james off the board… i know alot of people want vea but if possible id trade down a few spots and take DT Bryan… then have two second rounders to work with…

I would even go so far as trade down to mid late 20s if it netted us some serious draft capital and take a stud oline guy…

Setting at 19 the only top tier guy i see as possibilities is vea and davenport… and its even unlikely they will be there…

Bryan isnt in that top tier class but after a year in the leage everyone will say he should have been. im telling you guys… he is jj watt like.

yes i like esch and evans… but if you take need out of the equation i dont see them as mid first round picks… top of the second late first players is where i have them ranked… wouldnt be bad picks at 19 just wouldnt be the ideal situation.

I’m not gonna argue about Bryan. He may be everything you say but my view is that it is a sign of pure stupidity if the Cowboys pass on Vea for any other player in the draft. Here is what I expect if the Cowboys get him. 1. He helps keep the LB’s clean and that is more important this year than maybe any other. 2. He will take some of the pressure off Lawrence. I am willing to eat crow if it don’t happen but I’d also bet money it will happen. 3. Pressure up the middle does more than any other thus helping the secondary. I think he will be along the line of what Williford was with the Pats…maybe better.

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winstar i see your point. and im not saying you are not right… I just think you can get a big body in there to do that… Now the difference with vea is the thought is that he can be a pass rusher… a disrupter… and i do see some of that to his game… i see bryan as a more disruptive player a more versitle player… and with vea his weight concerns me… is he gonna keep getting bigger?

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Muscle weighs more than fat. His strength is his plus from everything I read. Big is not always a bad thing. Williford was fat more than muscle but still a great NT. Vea is more muscular and faster and takes up double teams better. The only thing I’m concerned about is his temperament, personality, locker room type…all the things we can’t see on film.

I agree Win - if I was starting a team and I could take the best players at ANY position other than QB I would take a Randy White/Leon Lett/John Randle DT every time. Pressure up the middle if more disruptive and harder to defend than pressure around the edge.

Speaking of Randy White I think one of the things this team has missed most is a defender that can strike fear into the hearts of the offense, like White or Cliff Harris. Our defense has been too soft for too long.

yall quit ganging up on me… lol jk different opinions but i love you guys… ill take vea at 19 wont hear me complain.

and i hope yall are right on edge rusher… we have one that is proven and is on a one year deal… you guys say we dont have a need there… i disagree…

You just had to mention Cliff Harris. That was one bad ass preacher’s kid.

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Bri - I am not sure of we need one or not. Hopefully the team does know. We have Taco coming into his second year and Randy Gregory may be a contributor if he can stay on the field. I think it would be foolish to go for another DE unless we are sure that those two are NOT going to be significant contributors. Speaking of Taco, I was very disappointed in him last season. I expected more.

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Well i dont count on anything until its proven… i love tapper but he isnt a contender until i see it… i said the same thing when we got gregory and here we are without a RDE… love me some taco too… but again cant count on it…

ok so lets say taco comes around and plays good… but what if we cannot afford lawrence after this year… we are still stuck needing a DE…

now lets say we are draft a RDe and taco comes around… now you are able to keep from paying a player 15 plus million a year in lawrence…

or… you go ahead an re sign lawrnece… now you have a roatation of three stud edge rushers… the most important position on defense… giants won a super bowl that way… so did the broncos…

that is why I defer to the team. They know a lot more about these two than any of us do. They know if these guys are “getting it” or not. We simply don’t.

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and im not saying it has to be first round… the top edge rusher in this class is supposed to go third round… id grab him in the second… he has dware get off but with more length… okorownkwo … or however you spell it

scott… do they? im not sure they have a clue half the time.

i used to say the same thing… kinda like when they signed crawford to a big deal… i said wow i guess we just need to trust the coaches who think he is going to be a stud three tech… uhhhhh… not so much.

The radiers will trade with the cowboys… mark it down

yeah, I didn’t get that either, especially coming off an injury. Then they move him to DE. Hopefully Taco and/or Randy can take that job this year.

Scott lol man dont get your hopes up on gregory brother… and when he comes back i wouldnt count on him for more then half a year.

There is Always hope. I would have to get long odds to bet on him, though, even to just stay clean. Between him and Tacos limited appearances I think he has looked better so far. That is what I meant about the team needing to know them. If they think he is a flake they need to brush him off

I think DJ Moore is gonna be the pick if they stay put. Not my favorite pick, but he would fit nicely in this offense. My surprise pick would be Davenport. Think he has the best chance to slide.