Top 3 choices for Pick 19

Give me your top three choices for pick 19… Not who you think the cowboys will take… but who you would want. Could be the same could be different…


but seriously, if we’re sticking with pick 19
Josh Jackson

obviously others I’d prefer, but think they’ve got a much lower shot at being there

if choosing between the WRs, I’d take Moore

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thinks perk… corner huh… i like it… very few would take a corner i understand exactly what you are thinking.

Under the assumption that Derwin James and Roquan Smith are both gone, here are my top 3.

or a trade back

then it should be vea or trade back… watch and see but id bet you can trade back and get wynn or hernandez

Possibly, and if both are there I think I trade back, because I’m almost damn sure one of the two would still be there around 28 or so. Now, if only one of the two are there, I think I take whichever one is left.

sound plan…

I personally dont want a guard in the first round but if we trade back getting an extra pick i like it.

i believe the more top 100 picks we get the better. Lots of value at safety and wr in the second and third…

LB is thin after the top of the second round.

Yeah, this is just not a good LBer draft.

as a whole… no… but the top 4-6 are pretty good.

some say its not a good wr draft… at the top no… but as a whole yes.

looks like a deep class of interior ol… but not for OTs

I keep getting to 19 and if we dont take evans we miss out on a lb the rest of the draft… and we are in desperate need for a lb…


@lamtdg stole my wants except I would probably take Wynn ahead of Hernandez because we could move wynn over to T WHEN Smith goes down.

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I dont think there is a chance in hello that the cowboys take a guard in round one… and i think its unlikely they do it in round 2…

But hey just my opinion… only time will tell…

a cowboys war room would be alot of fun… remember when we used to do those…

This is not a good draft to get an elite WR1, but it damn sure is a great WR draft. It’s very deep. Like into the 6th round deep.


Outside of Daniels and Nelson, this is a terrible draft for OT.

Well, since I would not want Evans at 19, we might should go after Navarro Bowman, get a solid 1T, and hope for the best.

Here’s the deal with G at 19. There are two LB’s and Vea that I would love to get but they will be long gone. I think S and WR at 19 are wasted picks.

That’s a fair point, but Hernandez is just such a damn beast. Seeing him beast out next to Frederick would be spank-worthy.

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