Top 3 choices for Pick 19

Here is something else I’m thinking about regarding a day one starting G. IMO, Prescott has developed quick feet and is hurrying his progression reads due to the pressure (mainly due to Greens one game). We have to have a solid OL to help him do his job.

I personally do not think you guys give evans enough credit… but to each there own…

I don’t but I have been wrong on occasions. Not too often on first round pics though. Like you, the players I want don’t go to the Cowboys but most are players even though they play elsewhere.

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This may be of interest to some so here ya go…

Since I went to see what SPARQ stood for its Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness

good info winstar… i believe in certain numbers and body dimensions for different positions…

I do like some of the safties in this class… but its interesting you brought up cbs…

I believe it is possible the cowboys take a cb and not a SAFETY…

IF they take a cb… ausia and frazier are our starting safties… im good with that…

I just cannot wrap my head around them drafting a guard in the first round… so this team has to have five first round talents on the oline to be successful? i just dont see it.

so i did a mock with picking guard in the first… i dont really like it that much.

Round 1 Pick 19: Wynn, Isaiah, OG, Georgia (A-)
Round 2 Pick 18: Washington, James, WR, Oklahoma State (A-)
Round 3 Pick 17: Leonard, Darius, OLB/ILB, South Carolina State (B-)
Round 4 Pick 16: Hines, Nyheim, RB, North Carolina State (A+)
Round 4 Pick 37: Ferguson, Riley, QB, Memphis (B)
Round 5 Pick 34: Watts, Armani, FS, Texas AM (B)
Round 6 Pick 18: Wells, David, TE, San Diego State (A)
Round 6 Pick 19: Flowers, Dimitri, FB, Oklahoma (A+)
Round 6 Pick 34: Jones, Justin, DT, North Carolina State (A+)
Round 7 Pick 18: Toth, Brett, OT, Army (A)

Staying on topic…
my top three guys at pick 19 with smith edmunds james off the board
DT Taven Bryan- Scheme diverse… JJ Watt like… Can play anywhere on the Dline… All pro type potential
RDE Davenport/Okorownko- you guys know i love edge rushers…
LB Evans- Tone setter at middle lb… Three down player covers/tackles/rushes the passer.
what the heck

Baker Mayfield lol

Taven would be my pick after Vea in the DT position. I have a hard time believing he or any other player is even close to Watt. I’ll be watching. I really don’t understand your problem with a guard if that is where we can get the best value. You want to talk having a problem wrapping the head around something…for me it would be taking a S or WR.

winstar i agree… i dont see a safety or wr worth it in the first round other then derwin james…

To me we need a game changer at a premium position like RDE Or a LB… if we cant do that then i want a Game changer at dt like bryan or vea… if we cant do any of that then yes im cool with a guard if we trade back…

i wouldnt be mad if we drafted a qb either to be honest…

ok last mock today i promise… traded down then back up…

Round 1 Pick 22 (BUF): Evans, Rashaan, OLB/ILB, Alabama (B)
Round 2 Pick 18: Okoronkwo, Ogbonnia, DE/OLB, Oklahoma (C+)
Round 2 Pick 30 (MINN): Miller, Anthony, WR, Memphis (A)
Round 3 Pick 13 (CINN): Edmunds, Terrell, SS, Virginia Tech (B)
Round 3 Pick 30 (MINN): Christian, Geron, OT, Louisville (A)
Round 4 Pick 16: White, Mike, QB, Western Kentucky (A+)
Round 4 Pick 37: Freeman, Royce, RB, Oregon (A+)
Round 5 Pick 34: Ateman, Marcell, WR, Oklahoma State (A)
Round 6 Pick 18: Madison, Cole, OG, Washington State (A+)
Round 6 Pick 19: Ford, Poona, DT, Texas (A+)
Round 6 Pick 34: Flowers, Dimitri, FB, Oklahoma (A+)
Round 7 Pick 18: Smith, Ito, RB, Southern Miss (A+)

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dang i forgot TE… smh

I’m anxious to see Evans play at the NFL lever. I don’t think he will be a bust but Roquan and Edmunds are the only two first rounders I agree on. If my guys are available it’s Vea or Roquan.

Winstar- ya its a good debate. i dont love evans but i do like him…
evans is my ranking on them… i think they are all three first round talents…

evans i see as a 17-25 talent… but i think its possible he is there at the start of the second round…

winstar i dont like evans like i did myles jack… but i think evans is exactly the type of middle lb we need…

He is a heat sinking missle… quick twitch study athlete. that is where he is better then smith… size and build… smith is farther along as a player as far as making reads and smith covers better.

Honestly i think had evans got to do his proday and or combine he would be ranked higher by some.

im thinking 5 qbs before our pick
1 wr
2 OTs
2 g/c
2 DT
3 DEs
3 cbs
thats 15 picks… and i didnt include lbs or safeties… and what if… a team likes another safety over james… its possible…

not likely… but…

i think the third round is where they look at Oline to either start at guard… or OT and move collins to guard… ya i know most dont want to move collins but it is what it is… they will put the best five out there.

Which is why Dallas will probetly take one or the other…JJ=big splash headlines=it’s in his house…

First I believe Jerry will make a trade just not sure which way. Think back to grab more picks and then leap back forward so lower than 19th and still have plenty of draft picks.

  1. Ala. D lineman
  2. Bama LB
  3. Tide DB/S

Without trades.

None available
Trade back