The truth about Dez Bryant’s future with the Cowboys

I have defended Dez from day one, after the Seattle game when he short armed a pass after complaining he wanted the ball (turned into an INT) changed my opinion of him. I’ll be a little hurt if he gets cut, he’ll just do what traitor Scandrick did and sign with the Skins…

I don’t have any issues w dez on or off the field. Idk if he has lost a step… if I had to lean one way or another… I’d say he is still the same player that can score a bunch of td and be a dynamic piece to the puzzle. But bc of scheme and a young qb I don’t know if he can be utilized to the point his price tag is wOrth it. Just my opinion.


Dez quit on so many routes last year, it wasn’t even funny.


Dez wasn’t Dez last year…except maybe that TD against az.

Some of it, is because the comfort level isn’t the same as when Romo was throwing it. they had an excellent report with each other, and Romo knew how to get the most out of Dez’s talents. Dak has a lot to learn there, as would any young QB. The coaching doesn’t seem interested in helping close that gap, but rather just removing Dez from the picture.

That said, Dez should be grown enough to understand that the transition from Romo to Dak wasn’t going to be seamless, and that he has to show his own level of paitence. He absolutely lost focus, and was half assing routes last year. That’s inexcusable. I’m not upset over his stats being down, only those that don’t actually understand the game want to look at those in a vacuum. I am upset at the apparent lack of team spirit he had last year, that’s not the Dez we’ve enjoyed, that’s not the Dez that Dallas paid.

If we get that Dez back, He’s worth his full contract amount, imo. If we don’t, then it would be best to move on. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know that, only best guess. I’ll tell you though, if we move on from him, even it is was the right move, it’ll look like a terrible move. If we cut/trade him, you’ll see the fire back, regardless of anything else, and he’ll make us look like fools. But just because he revives somewhere else, does not automatically mean he would have if he stayed.

Nearly a 50/50 of whether it looks like a good idea if we keep him (probably more of a 65/35…I think he’s already getting fired up). But more of a 10/90 chance of looking smart if we cut him, and the 10% chance we look good, is if he gets hurt and misses most the season.

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I agree

I don’t think we need to do anything until after the draft. We don’t need to show our hand going into it. If we cut him it will be quite obvious what we are going to do in one of the first two rounds. Also, if we cut him and aren’t able to get a WR in the first two rounds, our receiver corps is going to suck.

It also could very well make us reach for a WR in the draft when we normally wouldn’t.


Here you go with the cerebral replies lol! I agree with everything you said. I would hate to see him go.

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100% agree with you there. I don’t think it makes a lick of sense to cut him prior to the draft. Even if you plan to, keep him here, make everyone believe you’re not interested in a WR early. Don’t need anyone trading up on you.

He’d be a June 1 designee anyway.

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If we really want to move on from Dez, we don’t do it this year. We take a WR in like the 3rd/4th, there’ll still be some solid WR2 guys there, super deep draft for WR2s.

Next year, you look to the draft to replace him, there’s looking to be some actual WR1 talent there. There’s only 1 real potential WR1 in this draft, and that’s got a lot of projection to it.

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Thanks, Perk. Unless the team thinks that Dez is going to be a “progress stopper” for some of the “younger” talent, there would be no reason to get rid of him based on talent. I DO see a big advantage to getting rid of him this year if the team is determined to start Dak, though. They lose Dez’ money and roll it into contracts that would have to be paid later and pay them THIS year instead. We could resign Martin or Lawrence and roll a lot of that money into THIS season saving cap space for next year and for when they RESIGN dak (Hopefully he will give them a reason to)

This signals a “changing of the guard.” The team has jettisoned the past with the release of Romo and Bryant in the past year. They are shedding vets and remaking the team. Given the constant lack of success I can’t say that I am entirely opposed to the idea.

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wow I’m shocked

Well rotten *** NFL network can find another whipping boy on the Cowboys now.

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funny thing is the media never found the Dez video…go figure

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At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see them release Witten. It appears a youth movement is underway. It seems like they are trying to cut ties with the Romo era entirely

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I would love to see Rico play. I know some think he’s not ready. Run him down the seam and let him go get it


they won’t cut Witten, if they were going to they wouldn’t have restructured him

he would have been free to cut, now it’d be dead money

Witten’s career is definitely approaching the end, but it won’t be this year.

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I was surprised by that move. Now I wonder if they had planned to cut Dez all along. Because him being gone seems to make Witten’s salary a non-issue

sure seems like they intended to

  1. they didn’t have this meeting until now
  2. they offered watkins 16 mill per
  3. they didn’t ask him to take a paycut, simply just let him go
  4. they didn’t even wait to see who they got in the draft

nothing about this seems professional though, it all seems personally driven

I don’t agree with the timing, but I agree with making the cut. and it DOES seem to be something IN ADDITION to his contract. As has already been said it doesn’t seem to make any sense to do it now, since the cap doesn’t really count til sept.