The defensive line in 2018

I am very happy the team got Irving and DLaw signed. If Randy Gregory can somehow stay on the field and Taco can improve our defensive end position ought to be one of the best in the league. IMO what we REALLY need for the DL to put it over the top is a Randy White or Leon Lett DT that can get into the offensive backfield regularly. I hope the team finally takes the DT position seriously this year …

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Irving is a DT in our defense, but I’m pretty sure you meant 1 tech DT, even though I don’t think White nor Lett were really 1 techs either.

but, if that’s what you meant, then I agree. At least so far that if Vea is there, I really hope they take him. I really think he’s special enough to make life a lot easier for the rest of the defense. Most likely there’d be people dogging the pick because he wouldn’t have great stats for what some expect of DTs, but they’d be very much overlooking his value.

but if it’s not Vea, I can wait for the 3rd or 4th round.

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I never concern myself with the “technique,” great players can usually play anywhere. I doubt it would have mattered where you put Randy, they double and triple teamed him anyway … but I consider Irving more of a DE than a DT. I will change my opinion if that is where he plays regularly. I think a true DT would allow him to do more at whatever position he plays though.

pretty sure DT is where he did play the majority of his snaps last year, and that’s what PFF graded him as.

and sure, a great player can play up and down the line, but they’re still best at a particular position

and I’d be willing to bet, if you played aaron donald at 1 tech on a down by down basis, we’d have already forgotten who he is

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yeah I know where he played and it confused me all year. It seemed like Crawford should have been playing DT and Irving playing DL. Crawford is NOT a DE as far as I am concerned. Irving just seems to have the DE body type. As long as he is disruptive I don’t care where they play him.

Hey- we caught 22 !



and Kudos to whoever got Irving signed for less than 3 million. I would have been willing to go a lot higher to keep him…

I thought Crawford had one of his better seasons of late playing DE last year

he was a restricted free agent because of how many seasons he has in the league, they put a 2nd round tender on him…he didn’t really get input on the 3 mill

I was surprised that no one else grabbed him, especially for the tender on a DT. I guess I must think more highly of him than the Scouts around the league do.

If we don’t get Vea, I am hoping we grab a 1T in the middle rounds. There will be plenty available as this is a very deep and very talented DT class. Any one of Tim Settle, Derrick Nnadi, Harrison Phillips, BJ Hill, Kendrick Norton, Deadrin Senat, etc can all be had in the 3-5 round range. Senat is a huge pet cat of mine (as I said in that other thread) and would love to grab him in the 4th.

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A true 1T is way more hands on and can occupy. That is one of the biggest differences between 3T and 1T. They occupy OL so they can’t get to the LBers. A good one can occupy two OL on any one play. But, they do so while also gap filling. At least the good ones do. Vea is the master of it.

Well, they didn’t exactly sign him long term to 3 mill per. He just agreed to the second round tender and that is that tender’s current value. Another team can still submit an offer sheet on him and we could lose him if we don’t match.

I am going to have to trust you guys on the draft this year. The Boys were sucking so much I lost interest in football in general. I would like to have hope going into this season, but Dak’s performance last year was far from confidence building. This year is do or die for him as far as I am concerned. And if there is a QB I like in the draft I am taking him…

It ain’t over yet. Teams have until June 1st to submit an offer sheet.

When is the deadline on RFAs?

LOL. you beat me to it

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Well look who showed up… Good to see you here catch. Hope you enjoy.

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