Team needs 2018 draft

I’m just telling you what I see.

cart before the horse. More guys were in the box because Morris is a liability in pass protection and isn’t known for his receiving skills. It WAS NOT because they were more afraid of him than Zeke.

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sometimes what we see isn’t correct

personally, I’d take measurement over perception

so they were stacking the box because they thought it was a pass?

and I wasn’t saying they were more afraid of Morris than Zeke, I was saying the idea that they didn’t respect MOrris as a running threat is false

Okay, I’ll give you that. Still doesn’t mean that Dez got separation.

I don’t think morris is as good as zeke… but like I said from day one I don’t believe elliot is an elite rb worthy of #4 over all pick… elliot broke a whopping 38 tackles in 2016… third Rd rb hunt broke more then that in 126 snaps…

There isn’t much seperation in the nfl… Antonio brown… tyrek hill… are a couple that comes to mind… heck beasly for that matter… dez wasn’t the issue… qb was… it is what it is. Now we r not sending dak away at the moment so I her the dez move. Why pay that much to a wr if u cant utilize him

I believe Dez was a major part of the problem. Looks like we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

I agree that the problem was MORE Dak than Dez, but even with Romo here I didn’t see Dez getting that much separation. I would like to know WHEN they are measuring the separation. At the snap? after one second? after two? Does anyone know?

Having separation doesn’t mean you are where the QB expects you to be. Dez has notoriously run poor routes. Is he open when he runs sloppy routes and the QBs have stopped looking his way? And if he IS open and running the right routes then the team should have invested a draft pick in QB last year AND this year till they get someone that CAN hit a receiver who has achieved separation.

I agree qb needa to be one of the top positions they are looking for… rde as well

dez bryant wore a star… so the criticism was ten fold with him… anything from being an issue in the locker room… on the sidelines… losing a step… not getting separation… everything was over blown… up until a few days ago we had one of the better wrs in the game… he wasnt top ten… ok if thats what you chose to believe… but he was at least top 20 and seeing how most teams have three good wrs intodays nfl thats still up there.

I agree that he was a top WR a few years ago. He took some injuries and went through a QB change. He can still be effective with the right QB, unfortunately he isn’t in Dallas. Dez was never a guy who could scare you with his feet, but his body is formidable if you get the ball to him.

dont forget he is dangerous with the ball in his hands… he is the marshawn Lynch of wrs with the ball

“Average Separation (SEP)
The distance (in yards) measured between a WR/TE and the nearest defender at the time of catch or incompletion.”

Thanx! is that on all receivers on a given play or only the one targeted? If the latter then that means he could be blanketed 95% of the time, not get thrown to and not have the stat counted against him.

I don’t think the guy getting targetted 50% more than the 2nd guy on the team is having the volume not count

I don’t understand your response. How many times were the receivers targeted vs how many pass attempts by the QBs? If there are more than the total passes thrown then they are counting more than one WR. If the targets equals the pass attempts then there is only one receiver counted on each throw…

they are only using the WR targetted for the separation

but, when Dez is getting more than 1 target for every 4 balls thrown, I don’t think he’s getting any kind of benefit as you suggested