Team needs 2018 draft

What do you guys think are team needs…
First for me… not only this year but moving forward is a mike lb
Second G RDE WR
3rd RB TE 1 tech
QB… i do believe the cowboys will draft a QB and it may be sooner then anyone thinks just depends on the guy.

I do think by drafting a starting OT that would solve the guard problem.

this is just my take… thoughts?

2nd-4th round looks like a great spot to get a good wr and stud guard this year…
I know lbs tend to drop so it is possible we could get a good one with our second round pick… i kind of think esch could be there…

I love esch but i like him more for what he could be then what he actually is… that wouldnt bother me if he was a DT or DE… but lb is a little more cerebral.

Guys that would be hard for me to pass in the first round are Taven bryan and marcus davenport… of course james smith and edmunds as well.

In my opinion if we are not getting one of those guys we should trade down.

i know many like vea but i dont think there is a snowballs chance in hell they take a one tech… i know some say he has three tech traits but not the kind of three tech the cowboys want… plus the cowboys may have their guy in irving.

Talking RDE… i believe Okoronkwo RDE sooners is the best pass rusher in this draft. He would be my target in the second round.

I believe the cowboys will come away with an extra second or even first round pick this year… The draft is in dallas… and dallas is wanting to win now… that may mean giving up next years first… or trading back in the first…

Totally me, so understand I think outside the box. First round Vea is my pick but doubt he is there. No other DT1 worth a first round pick. If he is gone I’d take Isaiah Wynn then Edmunds or Roquan. It’s too hard to pick after that based on who is left. Maybe I should just say first round, Vea or OG or LB. Second OL or LB depending on who we get in the first. We need a couple of quality LBs, a OG, OT, then later WR. Then I’m looking at BPA.

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I think the best place to get a LB after the first is going to be round 3 and 4.

For me it’s Ridley, Hernandez, Wynn, or Daniels in the first whether they stay at 19 or trade back to do it.

I think they’ll have to get a WR at 50 if they don’t go WR at 19.

The biggest need on the defense is at LB, but you can find starters in the middle rounds of the draft.

On offense, I’d prefer to see them continue to stock pile the offensive line with elite talent, get a WR at 50 and then draft a move TE at 81 like Mark Andrews or Dallas Goedert (if he lasts).

Give the offensive staff everything they’re looking for.

The defense is close to being a championship caliber defense.

That’s just it… u can get a stud guard after the first round I assure u.

Well now that they got rid of our best receiver even if he had a bad season, still has franchise record. I mean who they going to throw to?? I love TWill and Beasley…but unless Witten is going to switch positions we need height… .but lol lol he doesnt have the speed. They should have restructured Dez contract and worked on the Oline…excuse me ALL THE RECEIVERS sucked last season because Dak couldn’t get the ball to them because what time he was searching for someone to throw or handoff to he was lying on the ground…

I dont love any wr we have honestly… but this team doesnt want to throw the ball 50 times a game either… Therefore i wouldnt spend a first round pick on a wr… Furthermore with the passing game as strong as it is in college there are a ton of guys that are capable comming out in the draft… more then ever before.

Terrance Williams caught 70% of the balls thrown to him. Just saying.


I agree 100%. With the subtraction of Bryant I believe we are in contention for “worst WR corps in the NFL.” NONE of them scares a defense AT ALL. Defenses will all be pressing our WRs and crowding the LOS to stop Zeke. If the passing game doesn’t improve considerably I predict a losing season next year.

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Veroncia - Dak made more than his fair share of bad throws even when he had protection. QBs accuracy RARELY improves in their 20s. If they aren’t accurate coming into the league they aren’t going to be accurate IN the league. Dak just got his “good stretch” out of the way year one. The rest of his career he will be bringing his stats down …

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Well hurns is solid. Thompson is explosive. I believe they can get another explosive wide receiver in the second third maybe even fourth round of this draft. Yet Beasley who can do some things underneath. The problem will be at tight end. We don’t need a tight end that’s going to catch 10 balls for 40 yards. We need a vertical threat at tight end that’s going to catch balls for 60 yards. Just an example

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I’m working on an optimistic view of our receiving situation right now. Setting an expectancy that we were never going to be the next “greatest show on turf” is a good start.

This offseason, we have definitely gained speed at receiver, something we knew we needed. We got a quicker outside receiver than dez in Hurns, and Hurns can do a number of things that Dez can.

What we lost was an absolute dominant contested catch and redzone receiver. A guy that if you left singled against 90+% of the CBs in the league, without a safety cheating his way, could burn you for large yardage and/or 6 points.

If we add a good receiver in the draft, we can have a decent receiving group…IF the coaches come up with a decent set of route combinations. We cannot run 5 comebacks and expect anything to happen. Adding a good receiver in this draft is the easy part, it’s a very good draft for that.

One thing that should make a number of people happy…can’t see us throwing 3 times inside the 5 yard line without dez on the field.


Dak has trouble throwing the ball accurately 20 yards. Unless he improves it really doesn’t matter how fast anyone can run. We are going to have to endure another season of short ball unless Dak can start hitting receivers deep without making them stop or come back to the ball. TOP WRs are difficult to get in the current market, so if Hurns and Thompson are available that indicates to me that their previous teams didn’t value them very much (Like Dalls & Dez). Hopefully Hurns and Thompson will make them regret letting them go. But I am not too optimistic.

Not having to force the ball into a tight window to Dez will help.


The tight window thing is over rated… for one dez gets the same seperation as Julio jones… for two dak doesn’t make the reads quick so some of the lack of seperation is dak throwing a tad late or early.

Dez gets the same separation as Julio? Uhhh, okay.

technically correct according to the shoulder pad sensors on the field

Ty perk yes so I believe this whole dez doesn’t get seperation thing is a farse… it’s not like dez ever got big time seperation… not only that… it’s the nfl very seldom do u see a player wide open running down the field.

so, looking at these next gen stats…an interesting one

Morris faced 8+defenders in the box more per snap than Zeke…

despite the “defenses didn’t respect the running game without Zeke” narrative

that one took me by surprise too. The best chance for Dez to get separation is on the bench. Without Romo there to drop the ball over his shoulder he has been shown to be what he is, a big strong receiver who cannot get away from the better CBs in the league. I think one of the biggest differences between 16 and 17 was Dak’s inability to hit the back shoulder fade last year. If he doesn’t show radical improvement the entire coaching staff and scouting staff need to go. They made the decisions that led to us having a mediocre QB and little hope of competing with the big boys because our QB just doesn’t have it. If we can’t win by running and defense our chances of winning aren’t very good.