Strategy changes?

What is the strategy you would most like to see used more or used less this season by Dallas?

I would like to see more 1st down passing. I KNOW we have a great running game, but that should make 1st down passing that much more effective. I think it would be a lot easier for Dak to establish himself as a passer if he wasn’t only doing it in 2nd and long and 3rd and long situations. So far he really hasn’t shown the ability to make big plays with his arm on a regular basis in these situations. Of course this depends on Dak being able to get the ball near a receiver. If his accuracy continues to suck then we can’t afford to throw away first downs by letting him air it out.

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I would like to see more play action and RPOs. I also would like to see more plays designed to get Dak out of the pocket. He is much better on the move, and for whatever reason, we are trying to force him to be a pocket passer. Get him on the move.

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I would like to see the Cowboys be less predictable on offense. When the opposing team is calling out plays it says a lot. Also, stop with the silly shit. The Boyz are a running team yet I see them throw three times straight inside the five.

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Yeah, when you have a young QB the last thing you need is for the defense to know what is coming …

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Not necessarily the meaning of this thread but can be looked at as a change in strategy.

Pretty much what I was saying when we were having the Demarco vs Dez debate a few years ago. Just think if the team had done what I suggested, kept Demarco, released Dez and invested in defense. Now they have neither Demarco nor Dez AND NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT

Byron Jones said ever since Kris Richard was hired as the Cowboys’ new DBs coach he talked about moving Byron back to CB. “I think it will be a good move for me and the team.”

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I would also like to see more play action…and the odd trick play…you guys are correct we have become so predictable…I always loved seeing Romo roll out …I’d like to see more of that also

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I remember when Romo too used his feet not because he had too but because it was effective. Then they said oh he could get hurt running around keep him safe in the pocket. What happened, he got hurt in the pocket and when he “had to” run out of it.
Never got hurt on a designed run or roll out, or when he knew when to use his feet. Only got hurt in pocket and when tried to make them happy and pass before run.
Passing pocket QB vs. Passing mobile QB?
This aint Perry Cumo and you cant put your QB in your pocket and save him for a rainy day. You to let him be Free Bird!

I think the “predictable” line gets thrown around too often

it’s been over used ever since ray lewis said it back when we played them that year…but the thing people didn’t pay any attention to, was that was the biggest offensive day that ravens team gave up all year long…if lewis and co knew what was coming all the time, then how come they had their worst day?

that and people think they’re being smart when they say “watch, run left” and are “right”…as if there’s only one way to run left. You could know which hole they’re running to as a DT, but if you don’t also know their blocking assignments/package for that play as well, you could just as easily end up on your ear as you could make a TFL

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That’s an excellent point, Perk. It’s football, there’s only so much you can even do, and most everybody has seen it done before. That’s why we get so wound up about this little thing called the draft - it’s a chance to go out and get new bodies who can occasionally fool someone, but can usually make it work regardless of who knows it’s coming.

I’ve seen some bashing of Elliott here lately (smh @primetime21 haha), but that’s what he really brings to the table. You can see him coming all day, because at the end of it, you still have to stop him. He’s a powerful back. A lot of our guys on offense have a quality like that, so predictable isn’t always a bad thing. What makes it bad is when execution fails.

In my eyes, our defense has struggled to read plays quickly enough since Kiffin left, but really since he installed the Tampa 2. It’s not an easy scheme to play, especially when 2 out of your starting 3 CBs are much better in man coverage than zone. The Offense tends to execute pretty well, but when that starts to fail, we see games like we saw last year (that week 2 thumping is a perfect example of poor execution).

That said, unpredictability can give you an edge, as long as it too is properly executed.

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most certainly

every offensive play is drawn up as a TD, but, one player doesn’t execute their job (or if the defender flat out makes a good play) and it can be a loss

perfect execution is 6, horrid execution is week 2 against denver

there’s a realistic threshold somewhere in between that every player must be held to. Some players like Zeke can make up for another player to fall below that threshold on occasion, and that’s why they go so high.

I agree with prime, in that I really didn’t (and don’t) like taking a RB in the top 10 of the draft. Their career length, injury % compared to other positions, and relative number of plays they have an impact on (most you really want is 2/3 of the offensive snaps for your lead back, imo) just doesn’t seem like a top 10 pick type of position for me.

That said, I don’t hold regret against the pick anymore, because he’s here, I love watching him play, and he does set the tempo for the offense now. I just hope that next time, we take the DB instead.


bryson now thats not true i like elliot… i just dont like where he was drafted…

I dont like rbs for all the reasons perk said… but i also dont see zeke as an elite rb… my def of elite is barry sanders bo jackson pure runners… or guys like a leveon bell masrhall faulk… guy who can line up like a wr and still run between the tackles.

I said it wasnt a good pick before the pick was made and i stand by it… time will tell…

He has the best line in football and puts up good stats… but what about other stats… what about morris averaging the same or more yards per carry???

so your telling me a 5th round rb that cant even find a job averaged the same ypc as an elite rb?

If elliot comes out and goes for 1800 yards 20 tds and actually starts breaking tackles then thats great bc thats what he should be doing… so far all i have seen is a big rb thats good… not a great rb… and at pick 4 if you are gonna take a rb he should be great!

If our oline has a down game… so does elliot… so i dont think he is what drives this team.

Last season Hunt and Kamara were both rookies selected in the third round of the draft. Why devote significant resources to acquiring a top-tier running back… if Day 2 draft picks can outperform them?

This is my point… im a draft strategist… i see value at different spots… i may hate a guy at pick 4 but love him at pick 15… i may loath a guy in the first but he is my favorite player ever if he is in the third…

I didnt love the zAC Martin pick bc i wanted tre turner in 3rd well thats where he went and has been just as good as martin… just an example.

And that’s as far as I meant that. I’ve supported Elliott since draft day 2016. There are valid points to your and Perk’s arguments, I just disagree. He was what this team needed. May feel differently when it comes time for his next contract (because of his draft position).

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That came out wrong. I supported the pick before that, knew it would be the pick. Was at a draft party then at Fish’s bar with a lot of the Cowboys Twitter guys. Room was split between Ramsey and Elliott, I was on Zeke’s side.

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Bryson i respect peoples opinions… i just think it is our oline… I feel like it makes rbs look better then they are…
Im a cowboys fan… game day i put on my zeke jersey and root for him to no end… I pray he proves my evaluation wrong…

Let me put it like this… if zeke will start running angry like a lynch… or a peterson… heck even a kareem hunt… i think he can be the type of rb that justifies a top five pick… he has talent… but his lack of breaking tackles makes me sick… and he doesnt make people miss either… i just look around the league and watch far less talented rbs do more with less … meaning they have average or poor olines and do more …

I think Zeke runs very angry. Just ask Richard Sherman.

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lol right i just want him to be more consistent with it… and keep running… he doesnt break many tackles or make people miss… i hope he steps up his game this year.

why are the cowboys so intent on drafting another rb to compliment him… i mean i can understand a back up… but i dont want elliot off the field much…