Romo Thinks Dez is Misunderstood

This is what I have said from day one and have not waivered… dez isn’t an issue! He is competitive not selfish that is a big difference! He doesn’t get heated when he doesn’t get the ball but does when things are not going right!! And I love that who wants a complacent player that’s ok with losing… if I’m going into a fight I want dez w me… I’m an alpha dog and I want to be around alpha dogs it’s the liberal media that over blows everything a man does into days world. It’s gotten to the point that it’s not ok to be a man… it’s not ok to speak ur mind in a loud aggressive way… haha that’s what men do! And men still get along!


Well, I’m not a big Dez fan. At first I was all in being that he is from Lufkin, TX and I lived there for ten years. That was before Dez played. Anyway, I really got aggravated when he was arguing with Witten and Ware on the sideline and everyone was saying it was motivation. BS. But at any rate I respect your right to like who you like. I really don’t see a FA that is better and I’m sure a rookie won’t come in and out perform him soooo.

I think we may be in the wrong category.

Well unless u was on the sidelines and know what was said then I disagree… also Witten and dez have a good relationship so u took it harder then they did… it’s like when brothers fight. They signed him to a big contract… room and Witten have vouched for him… so I’m still a fan. But I respect your opinion.

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It’s all good…hell even married couples disagree at times. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

I always liked his passion, @primetime21. I just think his exuberance on the sideline can distract him on subsequent plays (and Dez himself agreed with that during an interview after the season). Get pumped, but make a play afterward, a play for us. And I agree, no metro-sexual males need apply for my Cowboys.

Great point and I agree he does get into his own head at times. But to the appoint of him being this major distraction and being a bad team mate I don’t agree with.

I know you know this, but playing sports requires being in the right head space. It’s hard to always do that anyway, but Dez probably has to work more than most to get his head right for every series. Passion is a distraction, and it must be. Passion is the opposite of logic and rationale. Routes are logic, with steps and timing and misdirection.

But again, a player who gets mad about losing is my first choice. He jsut has to work a little harder on the technical aspects to be able to handle a little distraction. Dez hooking up with a route “guru” tells me he recognizes this and is trying to do it.

To me, Dez is like Terrell Owens. Both are big, physical receivers with a lot of passion, divas even. TO was just better at focusing on the play throughout his career than Dez has thus far shown to be. It can change this season. Not worried. Still, don’t like Dez’s price tag right now, not with his production.

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Passion doesn’t have to be a distraction… ray Lewis played with passion… Michael Irvin…

It’s funny though… when dez had roMO he put um numbers so his passion was viewed as a good thing. With dak he has not produced and now his passion is making him get in his own head?

I buy it to a certain extent but there is an issue other then dez bc all of the pass catchers on this team played worse with dak. Is it dak… idk and I’m not willing to put the blame just on him. The offensive scheme and the use of personal should have got a coach or two fired. I’d love dez to get released… for one saves money… I don’t think we need a high priced wr bc we are not utilizing his skill set… and I’m willing to bet he would go somewhere else and be a td machine again. Picture him with brady… rogers…or even with the giants.

I think the scheme is most of the problem. Is Dak a killer QB? No. Never pretended to be either. He’s a scrambler who can throw a little. He was the perfect guy to come in after Romo. Dak and Dez need to build that trust between them, the one that tells Dak he can throw wildcards his way and be okay.

But my thoughts on Dez existed before Dak. And you can check going back to 2010 to verify that. :slight_smile:. I try my best not to suffer from recency bias on this stuff.

You can go back to 2010 and just read the headlines on articles and it tells a story of a raw football player aND person… played well… really well viewed as a top five wr… him and roMO where killing it… then the hold out… then the injury… then the change at qb… it’s not like he was playing at a high level then started declining with everything going well. Outside problems most of which beyond his control has lead to bad numbers. Look I’m not a dez lover as it may seem I just see football as a whole wit lots of parts… each part can affect the other drastically. I think dez takes alot of unessary critisism…

I have nothing but respect for Romo and the thoughts and opinions of everyone on here but I have different opinions on Bryant,he was a punk before he got to Dallas and now plays this wanna be “gangster” role.I remember Bryant having the same issues with Romo,Romo called him out more than once over his sideline behaviour and all about me attitude (which I think is still Bryant’s main focus).Its true that Bryant played his best football under Romo this I can’t deny,and I can’t deny Dak had some problems this year that didn’t help Bryant.or others as well.The other thing is as much as fans want to say Dak can’t throw and hit the side of a barn or this title that one fan on the war room labels him “Coach Killer” I saw Bryant drop a good few catches that were put right in his hands.I find it so wrong to put so much blame on a second year QB who buy the way can hit the side of a barn and who also does a dam good job of protecting the ball.Dak has a lot of improving to do but I’m not ready to throw a second year QB under the bus…but I’m am prepared to throw a 8 year experienced WR who is well known to still be a poor route runner under the bus and move on from him…just my opinion

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The dez is misunderstood is by the media…fans… not his team mates and coaches… so people can complain and say this or that about why they don’t like him and that he is a problem… but at the end of the day his team mates love him… coaches love him… if he was such a villan like the media influences you to believe do u really think the cowboys would have invested 80 million dollars in him. Lol RoMO and Witten love him…

It’s funny when we are winning he is called an inspirational and emotional leader… but when things are not going right he’s a punk? He is a raw human being we know that his family is trash… but that doesn’t make him a bad person.

I like dak I said the year before he was drafted he would go bottom first or early second round. I love the guy but he did not play well… and personally in order of what was wrong w the passing game… I blame first and fore most in this order…
85% Oc or Hc
10% qb coach
2%dez and the rest of the wrs

Now if dak doesn’t get better again… maybe ot is more on daks shoulders.

There ya go brother. Be heard, tell it like ya see it.


Sorry as much as you blame the media for Bryant’s behaviour and image,I lay all that on Bryant…and sorry again but Romo and Witten both had issues with Bryant’s antics and attitude…but. being the consummate professionals Romo and Witten are they will defend a teammate…Bryant. has many fans I’m not one of them and would not shed a tear if he never played for Dallas again but for know I will sit back watch and wait and remind everyone when Bryant and his antics and attitude surface again this season just like every other season…

Im a fan of all cowboys… but i wouldnt say i was a huge dez fan… at least not in the same capacity as i was with d ware… i just call it like i see it with dez…

And let me know when those antics are actually a problem because I’ve been waiting for them to be a problem and so far they haven’t

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Then you need to look closer,and pay attention Bryant himself has admitted that his antics are a problem …

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