Roger Badsmells decision on the Anthem

Seriously Roger? Are you sure you waited long enough to tell which way the wind was blowing before you decided to do this? This decision should have been made the day after Colon Krappystink took a knee. You and Obama both share a concept of leading from behind. Too bad we are still stuck with YOU. Too bad NFL fans can’t VOTE YOU OUT

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blame it on Obama. by the way, anyone noticed the price of gas lately. but the folks in Jerusalem are happy.

That is a typical liberal response, you see the words, but have no comprehension thereof. I didn’t blame anything on Obama. I compared Badsmell’s theory of leadership with O’bumbles…

Better late than never.

It’s all Obama’s fault. Same for the last mass two school shootings. In order to have a militia, even though they are irrelevant in today’s world, our 2nd amendment rights must be upheld, even at the expense of our children’s lives. Love the price of gas. Thanks, Jerusalem.

Glad to see you have finally seen the light :wink:

Seriously, have you fallen to emotional arguments now?

The price of gas has nothing to do with anything but GREED. The US is one of the world’s leading oil producers. We don’t NEED other countries oil. They just use the conflicts in the Middle East and Venezuela as an excuse to gouge. Same ol’ same ol’.

If you were sitting on the right side of the aisle right now you would see that an armed militia is more important than ever. At no time in US history has the possibility of one party seizing power and refusing to relinquish it been so real.

Obama orchestrated illegal attacks against US citizens using the IRS, the FBI, the State Department, the DOJ, the NSA, etc., etc. In my mind the NEED for a gun to protect oneself from the government has never been more pronounced.

And lastly, I guess you are criticizing Trump for what both Clinton and Obama said they would do (move the embassy and recognize Jerusalem), but failed to deliver upon. Tipical (sic)

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Try prune juice.

I am saving it for Schiff, Schumer, Pelousy, etc., etc. They are the ones that need it. Of course if you emptied the shit out of them there wouldn’t be anything left …

Spot. On.

ever wonder why there’s so little participation on this site. look in the mirror.

I’m pretty sure the rules committee meets the same time every league year. I don’t think it’s out of the blue like it looks. I also don’t think that the league could go out and enforce rules they didn’t present before the league year deadline.

Reactions to the timing of this are severely over blown.

He took a knee in 16. The league could have done this LAST year. That is why I asked if Goodell was sure he waited long enough to figure out which way public sentiment was going first.

Is one player kneeling during the anthem really a priority to be concerned with?

You’re assuming that it was driven by public sentiment instead of the large change in participation and distraction that it caused this year. You also assume that goodell alone controls what gets talked about in the rules committee meetings, which I believe is a very poor assumption.

No. I believe that he should have grown a pair and took a stand when it happened. Not THIS year, not LAST year. The man has all the leadership skills of a fart in a windstorm.

I just saw something interesting on Wiki. They claim STEPHEN jones owns the Cowboys. Did I miss something?

again, I don’t think you understand how the relationship between the NFL and NFLPA works. If they didn’t call it out in the rules beforehand, I don’t think there’s anything the league can do. They don’t get to instill rules in the middle of a season.

This has nothing to do with PLAY and it could have been done at any time. It isn’t like changing the pass catch rule …

it doesn’t matter if it has anything to do with play, it’s STILL between the NFL and NFLPA.

it isn’t ANY different than the pass catching rule.

The NFLPA doesn’t get to weigh in on everything. this article mentions NOTHING about the NFL asking the NFLPA to participate …

This was just posted and they seem to think the same thing. Almost word for word …

You were saying?