Navarro Bowman?

Lots of talk about Dallas trying to sign LB Navarro Bowman. If so, it would reunite Bowman with college teammate Sean Lee. They were at Penn State together and both came into the NFL in 2010.

If Bowman comes in, he would probably play the MIKE and move Jaylon Smith over to SAM. Damien Wilson would be in a primary reserve role.

OR, Wilson would keep his SAM role and Jaylon would be more of a nickel player only, rotating around with Lee and Bowman.

What do you guys think of this potential move?


I don’t think much of it. I’m wanting a early round LB and then a mid to late rounder. We should be able to make headway through the draft and grab some value players. Love what they are doing on the OL although I’m not sure I understand the Looney signing.

I really want Navar.I think he isn’t a player who can guard a wr or te but I think he’s versatile still

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I think we need more help against the run than just Lee. Pretty clear the team agrees, given the many times they brought Byron Jones up even though he struggled mightily in the box.


I’m down with Bowman, but don’t want it to affect what we do in the draft. If we run across a BPA LBer in the draft we need to go after them.


That’s the process. Take care of needs in FA so BPA is the only strategy left for the draft. They don’t always get there, and people rarely agree on if they got there, but that’s the goal. I definitely see them trying to accomplish that goal so far.

Bowman would be a good addition (not stellar).

I would love for the Cowboys to get a top five LB. My ideal LB is Edmunds but I suspect several teams are interested. Pretty sure he would have to be the pick at 19 and that may be too late.

I wish Roquan or Edmunds would fall, but I can see both being gone by 19. But, this is a very deep draft for LBer, so good value can be added day two and three.

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The more I read on Esch the more I like him and he is projected day 2.

Vander Esch and Rashaan Evans are the 2nd tier after Smith and Edmunds. I think (of the two and after a trade down from 19) I would take Vander Esch, but I wouldn’t be thrilled with it.

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Off subject but I would love to get Vea at 19 and a LB at 50.

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Vea is easily a pet cat of mine. I would love to have him at 19, but this is a very deep 1T class. I would also love someone like Senat in the middle rounds.

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What you think about Payne?

Not a huge fan of Payne. I think he will probably go in the first, but I personally wouldn’t want him at 19.I just don’t see him as a 3 down lineman. He is great against the run, but his lack of pass rushing ability puts him on the sidelines on passing downs.

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wouldn’t go after bowman, would like to draft a LB instead and continue getting younger. We already signed an older vet to help lead the group and fill in if needed.

Edmunds, Smith, Vander, in that order are ones I’d like in the first, but Vander would hopefully be after a trade down

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I’m not big on Bowman at this stage of his career.

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