Navarro Bowman?

question is… if he signed for the right price?

Howdy gentlemen!!! Thanks to all of you who reached out to me. No worries here. I feel better than I did a year ago. Hopefully I will last long enough for the 'Boys to win the big one again, but I only have about another 30 years left in me at most …


I agree Shawn - I wouldn’t mind Bowman on a short term deal at the right price. If he wants to get rich in Dallas I would just stick with the draft.

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Scott glad you made it back in the fold…

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Yeah, I’m not at all for paying Bowman big money. Middle of the road, 3-5 mill per and I bring him in. Anything more than that and I go a different route.

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what do they say… Bring him in and kick the tires… We do need a LB, the one they signed doesnt look like a starter.more special teams to me…

Look who showed up. Welcome stranger.

Hi Wins - glad to talk to you guys again. Do I know you Iamtdg?

I’m not sure. I have been around the Cowboys msg boards and Cowboys Twitter for a long time. You may have seen my handle at some point.

There he goes again with that I don’t know you. lol Iamtdg is new blood.

Bleeds, did you sign in to the Facebook page? The Dallas Cowboys Lite Beer Guys War Room

BB&S Do you want to be added to the War Room group on here. Iamtdg is a new member I’ll get put in to. Not much going on there right now but tlaw post there on occasion.

Hi Shawn, I have not signed up on facebook. I have always been leery of the social media thing and I avoid it for the most part. With the recent revelations about facebook giving peoples info away I intend to avoid it completely. I made the mistake of signing up for facebook years ago so I could contact Vinnie Moore and I have regretted it ever since.

I sent Rudy, Furball (Daniel) a reminder about Facebook and this sites link…

Please do winny. What do you guys think of the other offseason moves so far?

just damn glad you made it…

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Scott please do what you can to get catch over here. I miss my brother lol.

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Loved the Hurns signing. Just kinda meh on the rest of it. Hopefully, Fleming can bare minimum provide us a solid role as a swing tackle. Now, get me some defensive help high in the draft and I will call it a very successful off-season.


I think they finally did something good… I wish we had not lost Hitchens but I like the O-line moves

Like Vita Vea in the draft? I would have liked them to have signed guys to longer contracts… otherwise were doing this crap over again next year…