Martin Lawrence Irving... pick one to stay on the team

not to mention its going to be very soon the cowboys are gonna need to start thinking about both dak and zeke… and a qbs price tag is high… id draft another third or fourth round qb if the right one is there this year… just in case either A. dak doesnt pan out… or B… he almost pans out but there is still uncertainty yet played welll enough for teams to want to over pay.

no one is thinking corner first round… but what if the top corner on the cowboys board falls to them…? awuzi played safety at a high level in college… byron jones will prob be gone after this year… just thinking outside the box…

it’s definitely crossed my mind, but I think we’d have to trade up to do that, and I really don’t think it makes sense to trade up for a CB right now

no im saying if a top corner falls in our laps at 19… i can tell you this… edmunds smith davenport bryan or a top corner or OT could fall right to us… js

I know what you’re saying, but I don’t think it will happen, at least not one of the top 2

Bryan will be there, but will also be there 5-10 picks later

the OT class is so shallow, I really hesitate taking one in the first, because I can’t help but feel it’d be a reach, given the class

but, edmunds, smith, and davenport won’t be there at 19

Perk… there are alot of players you are saying will not be there at 19… you factor in 5-6 qbs… a wr or possibly two… and the nfl is oline needy… it wouldnt surprise me at all if one of the players you dont think will be there … will be… and im not so sure on Bryan… i get that for what he is today he is a late first early second… but for what he will be tomorrow… it wouldnt suprise me if he went before 19

ill go ahead and stick my neck out… i have not even scouted the guards in this class. but i assure you there will some studs when we pick in the second and third…

There will be quality G later on for sure but the day 1 starters or guaranteed as they say will go first round. Nelson, Wynn, Hernandez

No im saying there will be starters after the first round…

Just like i said when martin was drafted… i said tre turner third round and gabe jackson4th round… many sites have them rated just above or just below martin after they played a year in the nfl.

id even bet all three of your guards do not go first round…

How much? Make it easy on yourself…

Well im going of draft trends only… but i ll take the bet for fun anyway… how much… how about whoever is right gets a pat on the back

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this is the first guard i have really looked at so far… WYATT TELLER- i think he could be a good one… especially in our zone scheme…

1 WR might go before 19, and you’re heavy on the QBs, 4-5 go prior to 19

one of the OTs will get reached on and go ahead of us

DT is the most likely to fall to/past us, with Payne, Vea, Hurst, and Bryan

Smith, Edmunds, and Davenport go before 19, we might not have to trade too high to get to them, but they won’t make it all the way to us

Hernandez might not go first round…seeing many who like Daniels better

and guards almost always slide…especially if they’re not generational talents

Martin, and now Nelson go real early…outside of that cooper and warmack went surprisingly early that draft, but both flopped

I don’t think prime’s right, no way all 3 leave the first round…but wouldn’t be terribly surprised if only 2 went in the first

wynn and nelson will for sure go… that leaves me with only Hernandez… the odds are def not in my favor… i just looked at wynn… he is a stud… i dont like guards in the first round… but if we traded down…to late first like we did with freddy… i would like that pick…

Anyway i got balls… so bet still on. i dont like hernandez in the first… yet so many nfl teams need oline… you are prob right win

perk it will be interesting to see… i say if all those guys are gone… then we need to trade back…

can u imagine getting an extra second or third… i know we all ways talk about having more seconds and thirds… those rounds are money baby!!!

great … now i got to do a mock draft by trading back lol… have i told you guys that yall are awesome today?

you guys are awsome… thanks for being my friends.


That’s where the draft comes in. If you’re able to draft well, you constantly churn your middle to lower parts of the roster and keep about a portion of the roster on rookie contracts. Then resign your cornerstones to the bigger contracts.

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for sure, but 32 players…that’s a lot to gather through the next 2 years

just wondering, seeing that gap, who all we will be re-signing…hard to tell without knowing our drafts for the next 2 years, but will be interesting