Lets Talk Safties

reading through this scouting report, I agree with it all, save that I didn’t see “Takes rapid downhill approach as high safety in run supporter.” when watching those 3 games.

Are you watching on Draft Breakdown? That is a great site for game by game highlights. In case you didn’t know about it.

Yeah, that’s one of the sites that has him going in the second.

draft breakdown stopped updating last I knew a few months ago.
this is the one I use now, he’s done a good job of linking up the tapes that others have put together.

Harrison definitely looks like a hell of an athlete

but I don’t know that I like him as a safety (don’t know where else I’d play him either though)

don’t know if you read Bob Sturm, but he’s a guy that I really like. I don’t always agree with his conclusions, but I really respect the way he goes about coming to them, explaining his thought processes. One of the things he’s talked about for safeties, is that they need to be a safety, in that when the play makes it to them, you have to be able to count on them making the stop because they’re your last line of defense. Harrison really falls short there I think, saw too many tackles where he went for the legs, and just slid right off.

They have 3 of Harrison’s games from last year.

I like Sturm a lot. He is probably my favorite Cowboys writer. Harrison had over 150 tackles his last two years, so he is doing something right in that department.

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I’ll have to go look again from what I have seen I hope we don’t draft him in the first three rounds.

Reid I do agree is a second rounder but for coverage skills… and I really like edmunds as well… so the main disagreement is the Alabama kid… time will tell who is right or wrong. That’s the fun in this. :slight_smile:

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Lets get both Edmund boys!!! And wr Washington or st brown in the second??

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Yep, I love this time of year. One, I get to watch a lot of football and two, I love watching players I may or may not have gotten to see during the college season. And, then talk to other diehards about those players. There is a reason I am on like 85k Cowboys platforms.I love this shit. lol

I want St. Brown simply for his first name.

“Equanimeous with another catch!”

Haha I agree… but I also like that he has martavious bryant traits without being dysfunctional.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the player. I just really like his name, too.

Ok so white ran a decent 40… 4.62 at almost 220 lbs lol not bad…


Maybe you guys can help me out with this… so if we got a safety wouldnt we need a SS? Im talking about a tackling machine that can set in the middle of the field get down hill in a hurry and make tackles… also can set in the middle of the field and cover zone… To me that is a SS… where as your Free safety is back covering deep halves at times but also manning up on a TE or a slot wr…

To me we have guys to play FS right? the la state kid… awusia… jones… i know the last two are corners but still…

what are you guys thoughts?

I dont want to nip pick harrison but i do have some issues… (going back and giving him a second look today thanks to you guys)
So first play he is in man coverage ball is thrown away from him… but look to be in ok position. not good not bad so he gets a 0
2nd play he is single high the wr catches undernieth and he wiffs on the tackle… so he gets -
3rd play does a better job of being in position and wrapping up ball carrier +
4th play run he didnt have a chance to make the play 0
5th play shallow zone coverage ball away 0
6th play again misses the tackle tries to go for big hit instead of wrapping up… he does end up taking the guy down on second attempt with some help. -
7th takes a horrible angle and rb gets a big game -
8th 0
9th -
Yes its one game but in this game he wiffs and misses even more tackles… and i didnt really get to cover much… most of it was just shallow zone stuff where he did ok by being in position.

this was Georgia… im gonna watch clemson again…

I think Kavon Frazier or Xavier Woods can fill the SS role. We need more of a FS type, IMO. That centerfielder type with range and ball skills.

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wouldnt that be the SS… a guy with range to play center field… our FS is the one is gonna have to have the coverage skills especially in man…

The SS in the Tampa 2 does play in the middle a lot. But, generally not the deep middle. We do a lot of single high coverage. Meaning the FS plays deep (or rolls his coverage to assist the CB to one side or the other) and the SS plays almost a hybrid LB role in the box. We currently don’t have a safety with the speed and range required handle those coverages. But, Woods and Frazier both have the tackling ability and have good enough coverage skills to handle the shallow middle.

thanks and ive been looking at it backwards i guess… but that makes sense… our FS needs to be a tackle though… Most of the guys i have looked at are either good in coverage and bad at tackling or visa versa…
Honestly it looks like we need two safties that can do both… id like a saftey that can run with wrs in man from the slot but also tackle and be physical… so that being our SS… and id like a free that can cover alot of ground for zone and tackle in space… does that sound about right?