Lets Talk Safties

I have looked at about 15 safties in this draft… I have found four that i would be happy with in the first two rounds… One name might surprise you… Kyzir White West Virginia…

Here are my notes:Big Long Safety… looks and hits like a LB. Great use of hands shedding blocks and when in press coverage.Plays smooth and under control. A hard hitter that doesnt miss many tackles. Will track down ball carrier with speed. Takes good angles. Quick to make reads. Smart player. Excellent on the blitz. Seen limited deep coverage however from what tape i had access too he was fluid and quick flipping his hips and running with wrs down the field. Understood and was in good position in zone. Solid ball skills … great hands. Plays whistle to whistle. Physical hard nosed football player.
I have an early second round grade on him pending his pro day… if he can run a sub 4.6 40 im all in for our second round pick.

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He is going to be a good one. Others I would consider in the 2nd would be (outside of the obvious top 2 that will be gone even before 19) Justin Reid, Ronnie Harrison, and Terrell Edmunds.

for what it’s worth, broaduss said he has harrison as a round 3 talent

There is a reason Broaddus is no longer a scout. Just sayin’.

because he found a job that was less demanding?

And, pays a helluva lot less, I would assume.

what does the average scout make?

Just looked it up. Average would be around 75k a year. Tops would be 100k. So, he could be still making around that. Just not a big fan of his, and I disagree with a lot of his takes. As you might be able to tell.

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ya, I disagree with a fair amount of his takes as well. But still don’t understand how people can say “there’s a reason he’s not a scout anymore” when there’s a number of reason why he might not be, and there’s just as many personal decision ones as there are professional.

Honeatly I have him as a late round player…

I just googled around to about 4-5 reputable sites and they all have him late 1st to early 2nd. I didn’t see any having him go later than the 2nd.

I been doing this for a long time and most sites follow the herd… I watched 4 games and he is ok in coverage not good… and he misses more tackles then I have ever seen out of a starting safty… go watch the tape and tell me what you see… I’m always open to another set of eyes… but I’m never open to just hearing what a draft site says and taking it as the truth.

Talking about the Alabama safety right?

Yes, Ronnie Harrison, and I have watched his tape. I have him in the second round. I don’t rely on draft sites to judge a player. I only posted that to show that more draftniks agree with me than do Broaddus. FYI I have been doing this a long time, too. :+1:

one game does not a player make…but just went and watched his clemson game…don’t think he had a single tackle, and I wish I had a better view of the pass breakup to see if it was really him, or the LB

spent a lot of time hopping (not really a negative necessarily, just an observation), and didn’t seem to see the plays very well

He had 157 tackles over his last two years in college. I’m not championing for him, but he is no slouch. Mark my words, he will be gone before the 3rd round starts.

georgia game, he did have 1 really good play getting a tfl, and then a clean up tackle on a stumbling RB 10 yards downfield…but other than that, nothing

and I’ve definitely seen him mug receivers downfield

I dunno, watching him right now, he may make a team happy in the 2nd…but I’m hoping the Cowboys steer clear

colorado state game he did better, had a few solid downfield tackles, and an INT on a tip

but still had 2 really bad misses downfield

You are watching these games awfully fast. lol

cut ups, showing only the plays the player was in, none of the between play garbage (save for showing if they were called for a penalty)