Dallas Cowboys: Which Dak Prescott will we see in 2018?

I’m glad people are starting to question playcalling along with what happened to Dak in 2017. I realize he had his struggles, but the routes and adjustments were bad. I remember reading an article that ranked the DC coaching staff as the worst in the league! Even behind the Browns! That Atlanta game spoke volumes for this staff…

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I don’t see 2016 or 2017, I see greatness in 2018. When they don’t hold him back playbook or legs, Dak will be the best in the league. Better than Rodgers, Brees, Wilson and Brady.


Walt, I don’t trust these coaches.

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Ron I don’t know where it started but when ROMO first played he would run, take off on his own, not just pass. Then somewhere they told him no running (unless I guess) and it took away part of his game. I see that with DAK too. I know they run the option and some QB run up the middle when near the goal line but it seems they have taken away his free style. I’m not talking about scrambling either. I’m talking about the play is called, a pass and by the time the ball is snapped he sees an opening and just runs. I say they took that away.
Wonder what would have happened if Staubach quit running when he got the itch?
It feels like they are taking the players instincts away from them. It’s run the play don’t freelance ever. More robotic than human.


Walt I agree 100% I also believe a lot of it was Prescott “trusting” the system. Linehans pass patterns take long to develop sometimes, you would think they would modify those routes when a team is coming for the QB or injuries to the OL.

Dak was trying way too hard to follow the plan instead of saying eff it now and again.

The coaches that were calling the plays in 2016 when Dak was putting his name in the MVP candidate discussion are the same coaches that called the plays last year.

They were playing well as an offense the first half of the season, but when they lost Tyron and Elliott. That’s when the coaches failed them. They didn’t give Green or Bell any help. Elliott’s pass blocking being absent was also an issue.

I think Dak is going to be good to great and can lead this team to a Super Bowl. As hard as it was to let Dez go, I’m glad that the young QB will be able to grow without any of the sideline drama that existed in the past. No matter what everyone says about Dez being a good teammate, you want to be able to rely on people being consistent and Dez wasn’t last year.

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Watch the Atlanta game and let me know what you think about those “same” coaches. I disagree they looked good the first half of the season. They had redzone problems starting with the Giants game on. I recall the HC stating, “halftime and in game adjustments are overrated” Only to watch that goofball in Philly adjust the hell out of the Pats to win a Super Bowl

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Come on, Ron. He literally just said, “They were playing well as an offense the first half of the season, but when they lost Tyron and Elliott.” The ATL game without Tyron was a disaster because it was without Tyron. All for arguing and making points, but creating his point by chopping up what he said isn’t helpful. Wouldn’t normally call that out, but flat-out trolling is too much.

100% agree, John. They did look good the first half of the season. It was the losses of Tyron and Zeke that really messed this team up, and it was the same coaches from 2016-2017. Dak has a good chance to be good to great this year, but lot of pieces changed around him.

They had redzone issues before Smith and Elliott went out. You missed my point about the ATL game, what does it take to realize the guy you have at LT can’t freaking play? After your QB gets smashed multiple times? How about a 2nd tier player becoming an All pro in ONE game? That game epitomized the stubborn ineptitude this staff has practiced since JG became coach. AND magnified by LInehan!

That’s why Dez is gone, that’s why Gary Brown is gone, that’s why Wade Wilson is gone etc. They all questioned Linehans playcalling.

The first 2 games of the season they scored 17 and 19 not sure it I’d call that rolling along

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Not even going to mention not giving the LT help against Claiborne who was killing him. Didn’t take him out until late in the 3rd…please. They were a joke after that debacle

Or he was being told to strictly not never ever say eff it.

Saw Sturm post an interesting stat. Last 8 games, the cowboys had both Elliott and Smith in the field together for a whole 3 plays.

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Good coaching staffs plus good depth can overcome that. We have neither.

And the first 2 games of the season were clearly played through issues on the line. They changed things up and took two games to get things clicking. They rolled after that when everyone was healthy. I agree on the Linehan issue, those two games against NYG in 2016 pissed me off because of his BS, but even I have to admit that a few games out of 32 don’t mean much.

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We don’t have depth, and that was the issue. Should Garrett have noticed what a failure Green would be sooner? Yes. Should Linehan have adjusted to the fastest possible plays while Green was getting Prescott killed? Absolutely.

But to sit here and say that the coaches should have figured out a way, regardless of who was out there, is just ignorant. Tomorrow night wouldn’t be what it is, nor free agency, if football worked like that. The players matter more than the coaches. These coaches could have affected a better result in ATL, but how much better, and when does the effort begin? They should’ve never had Green in that position to begin with, but once the ATL game came, they were stuck with it.

Philly did.

Now I know you’re just being argumentative about it and not looking at it from a reasonable stance. Philly? Come on, Craig.

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

They had just as many if not more injuries than we did, and they won the Lombardi. It’s a solid argument. Good coaches backed by a good FO can win despite injuries.

Yes, but you can cherry-pick thousands of examples just this century, and none of it means anything more than right place, right time. Or in this case, right player, right time. Any player can step up at any point. Look at DeMarcus Lawrence; take away his draft position and his expectations go way down for 2017, and yet he smashed it with little to no help on left side. You tell me how that can be accomplished without a fuck load of uncertainty in the plan.

People get lucky all the time in the NFL, but rarely the same people every week, every year. Don’t mention NE either. haha

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