Dallas Cowboys: What Saves Jason Garrett

total BS. If Zeke DID do it that was his first misstep. This isn’t the first time Famous Jamous has done something Heinous …

Crab legs.

Then player conduct shouldn’t be included when administering discipline. Besides, they had no proof on one, and a guy with a busted face in the other. 2 weeks later Bradham took a gun through a checkpoint in the Philly airport. How is this man NOT a bad guy?


Catch - I am NOT trying to defend Bradham, just justify (poorly) the thinking behind it. We all know the REAL reason is “F the Cowboys. F em now, F em in the future.” I wonder if there is any other organization in the world that treats it’s top money maker worse …

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I know, it makes me angry when I see the blatant double standard. My wife was actually hoping I didn’t see the report on the news because she knew I was going to snap. I saw it on CBS Sports which set me off anyway.

My main wish for this year is that the league will keep politics and protests out of the game. The NFL is a hair’s breadth from losing a fan of more than 50 years because of all the off field, non game BS.

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Well if you need anymore proof the NFL is corrupt!

How TF does a man have a gun charge AND a drug charge and get 2 games!?

Personal conduct my ass!!!


Unfreakingbelievable! I’m about to pop a vessel too. No disputed testimony? No problem!!! But Zeke gets nailed with disputed testimony and over the advice of the case reviewer and they go after him like the main stream media goes after Trump.

Goodell, etc., Must stroke it to the thought of F’ing the Cowboys every night!!! Jerry might as well cut everyone making any coin and field a minimum salary team. His chances of winning a super bowl will be about the same as long as Badsmell is commissioner

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JG will definitely have to make the playoffs this season. If not, then he should be out…and the OC
also…maybe even the DC???
IMO…If he makes the Playoffs (Playoffs?lol) he will have to at least get past the Divisional rounds.
Then depending on how, and when he loses could determine if he goes or stays!

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GD joke

Dak will improve this year! I’m counting on it. If not? Then…decisions decisions

Wonder what kind of slap on the wrist Badsmell comes up with for McCoy … If he was a cowboy the lynch mob would be halfway to Dallas by now…

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You better get ready then, Elliott was suspended for less. This man beat his woman, his son and the dog!

Not to mention drug use allegations. I bet they don’t even drug test McCoy after! Elliott needs to get his lawyers ready because Goodell and that bitch Freil should be sued if this man gets less than 6 games. I bet they drag their feet too

I hope it is all crap. I also hope that they investigate it with the same vigor they went after Zeke with. Anything less will be an apt demonstration of Badsmell’s ill intent where the Cowboys are concerned.

All I want to know is when the Commissioner’s Office is going to solve the petition of Gregory.

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man, we ran multi-TE sets about 20% of the time last year…without Witten, I imagine that’s going to change significantly

just another reason why this offense should look significantly different this year.

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Glad to hear Gregory is back! A long uphill road for him, but he make it and for sure he won’t blow it again, so everything he gives is gonna be gravy!!!

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Dallas Cowboys: What Saves Jason Garrett

Is this a trick question?:sunglasses: