Cowboys WR Noah Brown deserves expanded role in 2018 offense

he’ll be fitted to replace Williams next year

he’s an excellent blocker, and has some potential as a receiver

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Not what you want to say about a WR…


lol, fair enough

but it’s all relative. I think already he can be a real good depth receiver, but has the potential to be a solid #2.

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I just don’t know where the snaps will come from for Brown to develop.

They already have 6 on the roster right now and if they draft one, that’s seven.

Could still see Bease as a camp casualty. Terrance could get traded, though I don’t know who would trade for him.

Brown is buried and with limited opportunities in preseason, it will be difficult for him to make his mark on the team and earn regular season snaps.

I think it’s time for those of us that like T Williams to speak up. Fans that don’t care for him continue with the same shit. He catches with his body and he didn’t get outta bounds in a game that would have been a true miracle if the Cowboys had come back. There is never a mention of the GREAT catches he has made and the fact he don’t get suspended or in trouble with the law. Also, no mention of the times his ass is all alone down field and don’t get targeted.

He chose not to get out of bounds on that play, which makes all the difference. Had he tried and failed, okay, fine, but he didn’t even try. Made the clear choice to cut left and up-field rather than right and out of bounds. We’re not just talking shit.

OK, I see…He made a bad decision and he should be crucified by media and fans. Oh, I forgot he catches with his body (maybe Dez should have tried that so he didn’t drop so many.

I’m not going to argue with you lol

Good…I don’t change my opinion very often

Agreed. I do think we’ll see a few more 4 wr sets this year, and I think we’ll see hurns in the slot with Beasley, Brown and Williams outside more often than we’ll see Switzer in the field. That is, unless you’re right, and I think it’s a very solid possibility, that Beasley gets let go

It was a bad decision, and that’s the problem. I’m not saying fire the guy here and now, just that we’re overpaying for his services. In that situation, going out of bounds was a no-brainer, and yet, Williams, with a fully functioning brain and all, didn’t even attempt to do it. As far as bad decisions go in football, that’s a big deal. What to do with the football on any given play is a fundamental aspect of being a ball carrier.

As we saw in 2017, he learned from his mistake. I just feel that was a mistake a professional football player should have already gotten ironed out. Some mistakes go beyond excuse.

Hurns has been better outside than in the slot recently. I can easily see Hurns and TWill/draft pick on the outside with Beasley/Switzer/draft pick in the slot.

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Very possible, even if Beasley is cut, since we also have Thompson.

This might not be Brown’s year, but I really believe Brown will take Williams spot next year

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I’m curious to see what Hurns can do here. Never watched the Jags so I don’t know much about the guy, just what I’ve read. Consensus is he’s good, but not #1 good, which can mean almost anything. My big worry is Hurns - based on what you’re all saying here - and Beasley competing for the same routes.

Like I said, I think Hurns should be used outside, so he wouldn’t be competing with Bease for routes.

But if he’s more of a slot receiver, then why move him outside? Doesn’t that hurt his ability to perform?

Some of his best plays have come on the outside. Yes, he was played a ton on the slot in Jacksonville, but I believe he mas misused by the Jags. He absolutely can a threat outside, as a complementary piece. Not on every play, but they can move him around. (something they didn’t do near enough with Dez)^tfw&

Yeah, drove me nuts with Dez, and when they finally did start moving him toward the middle, he started dropping some weird ones. Good to know about Hurns, probably the first time I’ve seen it said he was misused in Jax.

It’s just my opinion, but I believe it to be true. He has the physicality and route running ability to play outside. I believe he was misused. We will see if Linehan can do better.