Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams jailed in Frisco after car accident

Well Terr…looks like you may have answered some questions on your own

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I know a GOOD WR who would be AWESOME and. makes SPECTACULAR CATCHES and has A BIG HEART and is VERY enthusiastic player would be was a GREAT role model for these Bozos. #throwupthex

So Cowboys don’t want problematic players, just the “right kind of guys” and that’s one of the reasons (other would be under performance) that explains FO debugged the roster. So now T-Will just does this to himself. Seems he injured more than one foot of his career with the Star.

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I don’t care how Williams spins it, it does not sound good. If that is his mug shot pic, I have to believe drinking may have had more to do with the accident. Also it was an accident, (you don’t need to hit anything for it to be an accident) so you call the Police and wait, you don’t get a ride home and call a tow truck. When the facts are revealed then we see how the Boys handle it. We know what stealing underwear or having your I.D. stolen get you.

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Didn’t Williams have a situation last season too? I’m not piling on him I just think the whole thing is odd.I hope he wasn’t expecting a break from the local police. He must not know the history with DC players and the cops…

I just wonder if he caught the steering wheel with his chest. :thinking:


I’m amazed that so many fans hate Williams so much. I guess he deserves it…afterall, he didn’t get out of bounds or try to once and he CATCHES the ball with his body. Yeah cut his ass.

I think fans are tired of players getting into trouble and hurting the team and themselves. Each season is a new case and now T-Will comes with this, but he is not even a promise as others (i.e. Gregory) or a veteran presence in the locker room. Therefore I don’t know if FO will throw him a lifesaver. Maybe it’s me, but I really can’t figure out what kind of asset he is for the team.

This team NEEDS him right now. I’m a little disappointed he put himself out there like that.

Especially since Roger Goodell loves sticking it to Jerry and this team. He’s probably laughing right now because he gets to double standardly screw the Cowboys one or two more times.

We all make mistakes. Sure football players are human too. Okay so we don’t know the whole story. But really, give me a better story than the one I am hearing. Just once I’d like no excuses, no written apology. I’d like for a player to come forward before the back page stories and say, I apologize, I screwed up, I let everyone down. I am not asking for forgiveness and I am not asking for any special treatment. What I did was wrong and I am here today to try and make up for it. You do not have to forgive me or even except my apology, just know I am going to do my best not to put any of us through something like this again. Then stand their and take questions, answering them open and honestly.
No lawyer, no agent, no team rep. No wife, no kid on your lap.

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where was he and who was he with just prior to his 4 a.m. Lamborghini accident. partying with an ex-wr? quien sabe.


i’m thinking he was partying with dez.


on another note, the incident could give the culling Stephen reason enough to release him without having to pay his guarantee salary. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am not surprised by the fan reaction. I say cut him and let’s see what he does elsewhere. After all we have Hurns and a house full of rookies and second teamers. Plus I see Linehan dying to use Tavon like Dunbar. We all know how great it was to have a offense that depended on Dunbar.

Win: I always liked “dumbbear” (name movie) and rooted for the kid. He had a spark when healthy and swinging out of that back field.

Stands with Fist

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I have no idea if that’s actually him…but regardless, there’s some really funny comments