Cowboy Players Updates


Such good news for Jaylon. He’s got a great attitude. Can’t wait to see a fully functioning Jaylon Smith.


Glad that I can now put LVE, Connor and Gallup in the Dallas Cowboys thread rather than the draft. I’m tickled pink over all three players. I had to do a quick read on Gallup but he is from what I can tell no slouch. They musta hid Jerral’s scotch this year.


Jaylon came a long way from the beginning of last season til the end. I’m thinking as the injury heals he should continue to improve.

gotta say, trading switz doesn’t hurt my feelers too much…it was weird having a football player like bieber and one tree hill

PFF had him rated as their #1 receiver in this draft.

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that’s very nice

people kept saying we should cut him for no gain whatsoever, without seeing what we were retaining.

Re: Deonte Thompson - I don’t think the guy has any reason to be concerned about the players that are already here. He just has to be good enough to be considered “average” to replace most of them …

I am pulling for Gregory the man.


S, T. Robinson from Oregon. Starter?

I agree Win - of most import is that he gets his life in order. If he succeeds on the field that is just icing on the cake.

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No damn debate for me. Should have been gone right after the Atlanta game and made to find his own ride home.


I make no apologies for wanting to see Bryant gone based on production compared to pay. I would be ok with Bryant staying if his pay matched what he had to offer. What’s my point? I would have cut this clown years ago and you talk about production not matching pay, damn.