2018 draft thoughts opinions?

From start to finish i thought the cowboys drafted smart. Finally we drafted a starting offensive lineman after the first round! This is two smart drafts in a row… I think the cowboys are finally getting it!

I don’t know college so I cant truly say. But I was happy we didn’t hear, “I don’t know what they were thinking” after any pick or “they could have gotten him in a later round”.
After the 1st pick I would have liked them to make a move for WR DJ Moore or DALLAS the TE.
I read Eagle fans have started Go Funds to have him change his 1st name to PHILLY.

sadly, I think the giants had a pretty solid draft as well…

yep…hopefully it turns on them sooner than later though for not taking a QB…and hopefully that extends eli’s career for many more years

Question to David Akers, how many super Bowl rings do you have?

Note to Mike Vick…vick Looks like your punk ass did lose to Dallas. Or did you forget Demarcus Ware doing this?

looking at his face, can’t help but think he’s thinking “I’m gonna name the next runt of the litter Demarcus, and throw him in with the big dogs”

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what a joke. I sat there the whole time thinking "A KICKER??? A KICKER??? SERIOUSLY ??? That is the best they can trot out? Apparently Clyde Simmonds and Reggie White were too dead to make an appearance …


And the eagle fans loved it!!



Saw us get ranked #2 for the draft power rankings…but then I saw the ravens at #4 which meant the rest of it was meaningless…

I dont care how it turns out… from my outlook is it was a stud draft… of course it takes about three years to accurately judge.

I cannot believe we got mike white and Bo… i bet i mocked those two guys to the cowboys a 10000 times…

Mike white is a the real deal… what i mean is he has a real chance to become a franchise qb…

ok i want to get a head start on scouting for next year… anybody know where i can find cut up tape on players ?

same dude, he’s even doing some of his own cutups this year, and doing a really good job of organizing a group of people to do cutups.

perk y ou are the man… ill start there… where should i start as far as position… safety?