2018 draft thoughts opinions?

S would be a good place, OT, top of the WR class (in case we’re interested in a WR1 next year…we’re loaded with WR2s and 3s now). Never hurts to look at some QBs

well, this is the part of the offseason where optimism gets started picking up steam. We’ll have the rookie training camp where we’ll get “this guy and that guy are looking extremely good.” We start thinking about how we plugged many of the holes we had last season, and have improved our depth in places that injuries killed us. We start thinking about how much better the 2nd and 3rd season guys will be.

Then team practices hit, and we’re hearing how dominant this guy is today, and then that guy tomorrow.

By the time preseason gets here, we’re all pretty excited about how the team might actually be better than we were thinking they’d be back in Feb/March after watching someone else play in the Super Bowl.

It happens every year, and I try to temper my expectations, but naturally, as football season approaches, I’ll end up very excited about our team again. Here’s to the masochist in all of us

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Agree with all that perk. I too get excited based on the propaganda put out in the various camps. However, I can normally come back to earth based on my opinion of what was the weak spots last year. As I put most of the guilt for the flubbed up 2017 on Lee and Tyron’s injuries I think they may have addressed those two concerns with LVE and Connor. WR could be a crucial position but at this point I don’t think so.

I’m not worried about WR as it stands. We’ve now got a good group of WRs that can create separation, and can work the whole field. That bodes very well for our RPO based offense and helping Dak regain confidence from atlanta.

I think we’ll see a lot more zone coverage this year, and I think Dak is good enough to read it out and beat it, especially with a good OL in front of him.

We don’t need world beaters, we just need guys that can move the chains, and I think we’ve got that.

The real problem ends up being that each year a new weakness shows up when you think you’ve got your bases covered. receiving core could be it, safety could be it, interior DL could be it. Only so much you can do in an offseason, and usually what you can do comes at the expense of somewhere else.

True that. BUT, IMO you deal with what you know and then as the Boy Scouts say…try to be prepared for the new surprises. Most times there will be injuries that happen at the most inopportune times. Well I guess there is no good time for injuries but you know what I mean.

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Unisex Scouts…keep up with the times old man

but I agree.

I’m up to date…just lazy and didn’t feel like typing Boy/Girl Scouts. I understand the new title will be Scouts. Now the Girl Scouts can keep that group and also belong to the Scouts. Next thing I guess boys will be required to wear dresses to school and they will remove urinals from restrooms so that everyone is required to sit to piss.

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Another tidbit that I haven’t personally verified yet. Saw someone say Williams only gave up 1 sack in his 3 years in college, and that 1 sack was to…Dorance Armstrong

I can confirm this is correct.

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many wanted us to pick up an OT instead of an OG and move Collins back to guard. I’m glad that they didn’t, and this shows why

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I thought Collins was fine at RT last year. It was LG and LT ( when Smith was out) that killed us.

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thats incorrect i watched okorownkwo kick his ass

Cut Collins some slack. Overall he gets a good grade from me. At guard he played between two all-pros and was able to shine. At RT he had Martin to help on the inside but basically he was on an island. You don’t win all the battles at any position in this league. Flo and Free got beat occasionally…only thing with Flo he won under any situation even if it broke into a street fight.

clip of him beating him for a sack?