Would you take a DE at 19?

First of all, it’s great to be in this forum! My name is Mauricio and I’m a Junior Writer for the site, feel free to reach out here or on Twitter to talk football! It’s great to get to know other Cowboys fans. Now, to my discussion here.

Would you take a DE at 19? I know the team has a lot of needs, as WR, LB, OG and even S. Last week I wrote my first mock draft of the year and with Vea and Ridley off the baord, I took Harold Landry from Boston College. What if there’s no quality available for other positions of need? Would you like it if this team takes a guy who could end up being the future RDE for this team?

Hello Mauricio…We have talked in the comment section of a few of your articles. Good stuff bro. I have stayed away from the mock drafts as they are guesses and so many of us have different priorities. It could take forever to view all the different scenarios and the most important to me are mine. I’m not a writer as you can probably tell but I understand you folks get get paid to write and mocks are a part of it. After all that…No, I am not interested in DE at 19. In my book you only get so many chances. Gregory and Taco are IMO enough for now. I’m hoping one of my top five are still alive at 19…Nelson, Vea, Roquan, Edmunds or Payne…in that order.

Hey, man! Nelson, Roquan and Edmunds would be insane value at 19, I wouldn’t stop jumping if the Cowboys are able to steal them. Vita Vea as well. I wouldn’t mind taking Payne, either. If Taco Charlton becomes a starter for this team in 2018, I’ll be super happy. I have my doubts, but who knows. These players sometimes show up like different beasts after their rookie seasons. I won’t lie though, I want Calvin Ridley so bad, haha.

Yo creo que la prioridad deberia ser DL y LB, pero si hay un jugador talentoso en otra posicion deberian tomarlo, es mejor tomar un jugador que sea estrella, aunque no sea una posicion de tanta necesidad.

Negative. I wouldn’t draft another DE at 19 unless for some unfathomable reason the top prospects fell to us. Either let Taco,Tapper or draft a RDE in the later rounds. Haven’t been sold on T. Crawford at RDE. When they do draft a RDE then they need to draft someone who actually is a RDE and not this positiin flex that they love to say so much. Crawford was a paid to be the disruptive 3tech. Lawrence was RDE when we had Hardy, Tapper was supposed to be a LDE, Irving has been at all spots in the dLine, Malik supplanted Crawford as 3 tech and was subsequently supplanted by Irving and now playing 1 tech. B.Jones fiasco. Been in the league for 3 seasons. Season1-CB, Season 2-FS. Season-3 SS(really?) Upcoming season 4-back to CB. The front office and coaching staff…smh. Get credit for not screwing up the #4 pick overall in 2016.

Yeah, I agree. It sort of bothers me how “versatility” ends up blowing up in their faces some times. How would you feel specifically about DE Harold Landry? You mentioned “unless some of the top prospects fall to us” and some would consider Landry as a top talent? Last season was injured, it’s an interesting possibility.

If a RDE is available yes. If a LDE is available no.

Absolutly… if lbs smith and edmunds are not an option… or james… if there was not a good trade down option I’d take davenport or okorownko not landry. I can get into why if u would like I don’t like landry for this scheme.

By taking davenport you finally get a rde… and what if… what if taco and davenport play lights out… now u don’t have to shell out 22 mil a year for lawrence… bc if he has another year like he did this year he will be the highest paid defender with his next contract. De is a premium position.

Look if u guys have not figured it out… nfl football is about the qb… in today football the qb is everything and more and more he is the offensve play caller… so the next most important position is edge rusher… guys that can speed up the qb… force him into mistakes… hit him… beat him up… rattle him… sack him… if u have a chance to get a game changer at de you do it… much like u wouldn’t pass up a guy u think can be a franchise qb. Third and arguably seconditions is ofensive tackle…

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If it’s about the QB we may be in trouble. Maybe this year tells us what we really have with Prescott.

I think Prescott will be fine. He was asked to do an awful lot in 2017 with Zeke suspended and no real threat at RB without him. Plus the offensive line troubles throughout the year. I think his junior year will be better for him.

As for the game of football today being about the QB, right on, @primetime21. Using the Dak question as an example, the games we lost were mostly the games he was forced off-balance and out of sync. The game without Lee was a little more than jsut that, but the rest could boil down simply enough.

I’m a dak fan and I thought he was gonna go bottom first round… but the fact is he is raw and took a step backward… I think he could end up being fine… but if u have a chance to take a qb u don’t pass it up period. It’s a qb driven league. With dak I keep hearing people say I think he will be fine… until I know he will be fine I keep looking at qb. To important of a position

That’s it. Gotta install a dislike button… haha

Ok well… what’s the most important position. … qb by a landslide. Bow I’m not saying ur number one priority going into the draft is finding a qb… I’m simply saying that as u go through the draft and and some point there is and good qb who is available that’s high on ur board then grab him. Jerry asndtroundlready said he’s drafting asndtroundlready qb so this isn’t a surprise.

Best Player Available is a different story, but I wasn’t countering that point. QB is the focus. Need to work on my troll game :wink:

QB? I got Romo’s phone number. I miss Candice.

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Give me Davenport or Landry at 19 and I’m happy.I think both would be day one starters, and given how Marinelli like to rotate DL, we can use all the talent we can get along the line.

I would go LB, then WR before I looked at either line. If the pick ended up being on the DL, I would go tackle first.

Howdy Martin and welcome. I like LB early. Vea is only player I would take before LB. Edmunds is my favorite LB for us.