Why Harold Landry is good enough to wreck Cowboys 2018 draft strategy


Sounds to me like another Taco Charlton, and we already have a Taco Charlton on the roster. I’d pass on the “could be” and go for something with a little more “already is.”

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I think Landry is a bit more refined than Taco was, and has a bit more burst off the edge to qualify as a true RDE.

That said, I’d agree that I’d go with someone that’s a little more likely to make an impact as a rookie.

I’d like to see what we’ve got at DE, with the likes of Tapper, Taco, and gods willing Gregory, and get someone at a position that’s going to have impact right off the bat. DTs, LBs, and even secondary tend to have better rookie years than DEs.

Besides, prime says Landry will be a bust…


Mostly I want to see what Taco has, which is why I’m not inclined to go first round EDGE, let alone trade up for him.

Sounds like Landry is a bit more a Gregory type. Burst, bend, and good closing speed, but I would still like to see what the 2017 first round EDGE has.