Who You Got Outside the Top Picks

I see all the names that the experts ride because they want to be right and build a rep. In my view, most knowledgeable fans can make that call. Sure, every year there are some unexpected bust but very few. So here’s my question. Who do you see that surprises outside the first three rounds. I’ll use some of my picks for example. I think Daurice Fountain WR will go in the draft maybe as early as the fourth but more than likely in the fifth or later. Another WR is Steven Dunbar Jr, he may go in the sixth or seventh round and maybe undrafted. Another player I expect to go late or undrafted is Aaron Stinnie. So who ya got?

My biggest pet cat outside of the first two rounds is easily Deadrin Senat. The man is very athletic for his size, but also has the strength to handle OL in the NFL. He can be had in the 3-4 round range.

Kentavius Street and equanimeous St Brown
And the defensive end from Tulane can’t pronounce his name.

Ade Aruna?

My pet cat sleepers are well outside the top two. I have been a Daurice Fountain fan for awhile now. After his pro day the secret is out. Now, I have Steven Dunbar Jr and Aaron Stinnie and both could go undrafted.

Yes that would be him Ade Aruna… Thanks lamtdg… you are a LBG?

Before I answer that question, what is an LBG?

A group from the original dallas site… lite beer guys… just a group of good people…

I’m not sure how that label got attached to my username. I have only posted at one msg board faithfully over the years, but it wasn’t dc.com.

Gotcha… well i assure you that you would fit in well… my man.

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Thanks, man. I just love football. I’m not sure if you can tell by my posts, but I study this game a lot. So, the more I can soak in the better.

Man i think you are my new best friend… i study alot as well… i coached at the HS level for 7 years and we broke down alot of tape… its something i like to do… (study tape) and ( evaluate) I like to pay close attention to what i said in the past so i can evaluate myself… i like to go back and see where i was wrong so i can improve… as well as seen where i went right to keep it going.

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Id say im better at evaluating Dline Rb Oline and LB more then anything …

Id tell you im no expect on qb and wr… and id say im working on my secondary evaluation skills…

This was my rankings from last years safety group… see if you can tell me where i went wrong…

Safeties for the cowboys 2017 draft…

J. Jones
Marcus Maye
Marcus Williams
Justin Evans
Obi Melifonwu
Budda Baker
Desmond King- seems like more of a corner….
John Johnson
Orion Stewart
Rayshawn Jenkins
Xavier Woods
Eddie Jackson
Josh Harvey-Clemons- drug suspensions
Jadar Johnson

Just at a glance (about to head home from work) I would say you definitely had Hooker too low.

yes i agree somewhat on hooker… but i do like the safties ahead of him and at this point id say that is splitting hairs…

Ill tell you where i think i messed up…

#1 Listening to the draft gurus…and other fans lead to me ranking OBI to high and Justin Evans possibly to low.
#2 Tackling and being a smart player should have lead me to rank Eddie Jackson higher.

I will say this… as i said before the draft last year… that was a heck of a year for safties… i think it was one of the best saftey classes ever…

we will see… but its certainly off to a good start.

Iamtdg, When I included you in the Lite Beer Guy War Room it automatically put that beside your name. It’s not a bad thing but I can check with Bryson and see if we can have it removed if you wish.

Agreed, it was a very deep safety class. I doubt we ever see one again that deep.

No, I don’t mind it at all. No worries.