What will the Dallas Cowboys do at free safety?

I would rather go with a young guy. Thomas wants one more big payday. IMO that’s counter to what this front office is trying to do. Maybe I’m wrong…

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I agree. We have one of the youngest rosters in the league by design. This is a youth movement. I think the team would take Thomas at a reasonable price (4th round pick) but I don’t see them doing anything more than that. Or maybe it’s just me hoping they don’t do anything more than that.

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Funny you mention the youth on this team…I was watching NFL network Monday after the draft, they had a round table of Terrell Davis, Lyndsey Rhodes and Michael Robinson talking about “the Wtten effect” I’ve always said Rhodes is only there for one reason and it’s not to inject knowledge. All Davis wanted to do was talk about when he played. But Robinson is the one who pissed me off! He said, the Cowboys need to get younger?! I thought, if they got any younger they would be prepubescent!

I bring this up because it seems to me the quality of the NFL Network is going down.


ESPN is the same way. There are not many sports options left out there really.


I can’t remember the last time I watched ESPN. I hate Rich Eisen on NFL network he most. He’s such a tabloid driven jackass. He laughed every time someone made a comment about the draft being in Dallas.

Safety it´s the only position Dallas still needs to address with a proven player. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning Woods development or saying he won’t experiment more growing pains, but still I can’t conclude that the FO is satisfied, especially with the safety market so depressed, so they are exhausting Seattle for ET. I know Eric Reid issue, but for me Reid should be the one to be signed for a one-year deal or would he be out ad infinitum?

He says he stopped protesting. I’d like to think it is the market that’s causing such a slow reaction. Looks like the Bengals Offered him a contract.

NFL owners blackballing a guy for kneeling? A Pro Bowl player? Stupidest thing I ever heard

That’s your opinion Catch. I am on the different side of the fence. Hell yeah, I say if you want to kneel, do it in the unemployment line. I know there is a very few NFL players that have served in the military and defended that flag that represents the country that has benefitted them outside other Americans that don’t have the talent to play a game. Kneel on this…$&#@&((% (the kneel on this is not meant for Catch but for the players)