What’s Bothering YOU this year?

I just bought a new car and I had to switch my tags off and I took off my Cowboys license plate cover. I haven’t put it back on yet. This is the least enthused I have ever been about an upcoming football season.
I was trying to figure out the cause and I came up with a lot of them. So I was wondering what troubles YOU most about the upcoming season, if anything. Here are just a few of the possibilities. I am sure you can come up with others…

  1. The receiving corps, with the departure of Witten and Bryant. Twill’s production has been uneven at best and Beas isn’t the kind of guy that is going to be a threat. That means our hopes rest in guys who have little to no experience with the Cowboys, which leads us to
  2. Dak Prescott – will we see the guy that took the league by storm for most of 2016 again? Just how good does he have to be with Zeke and the OL, which leads us to
  3. The OL. The main concern here seems to be Tyronnosaurus Smith’s health. Let’s face it, there is no replacing a healthy Tyron in terms of quality. Back issues never seem to truly go away …
  4. The unknown quality of the DL?
  5. The unknown quality of the LBs?
  6. The unknown quality of the DBs?
  7. The Ownership
  8. The GM
  9. The coaching or
  10. The way the league seems to have a hard on when they think of effing the Cowboys. I know I am biased, but even when I do my best to stay detached and analytical it seems like there is definite anti Cowboys bias in the league and some of its officials. It is time to get a younger batch of refs that can’t remember when the Cowboys WERE actually a good team who won’t hate us when they walk on the field.
  11. The leagues bungling re: the national anthem
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my concerns, in order

1.WR group
2. Tyron’s health, we’re much better prepared this year to deal with losing him for a stretch, but I don’t want to go shopping for a new LT yet…I’d much rather have him for the next several years
3. the safety position…lot of potential, but it’s all a guess right now how it will turn out
4. Bailey. Read that over the last 2 years, he’s only kicking 75%. Really hoping he gets things turned around and back to his automatic self

Luckily, I think there’s a lot to be excited about as well (not necessarily in order)

  1. The OL is in much better shape than it was last year. As it stands today, we still have our 3 All-Pros. Collins had a solid 2nd half of the season, and imagine this year will be even better. We have a stud draftee to plug in at LG between 2 All-Pros. And we have a solid backup OT in case of injury.
  2. Zeke. There’s been zero off field news on him (other than a new tattoo…lol) since last offseason.
  3. our CB group, I’m very excited about this group, and only moreso with Jones dropping back down. There’s a ton of talent there, some of it proven, and there’s a ton of confidence that they carry too.
  4. I’m actually pretty excited about the DL once Irving returns from suspension and Collins gets healthy. DLaw has been all in despite the franchise tag, so don’t have to worry about him not being ready for the season after a holdout. Taco flashed late in the season, after an offseason in the NFL he’s ready for that 2nd year jump. Crawford has been slimming down to play DE, that will add quickness that he was missing. As I’ve made clear, I’m very excited to have Gregory back, and all the things I’ve read make it sound like he could actually be counted on now. Tapper/Ealy/Armstrong, there’s some real potential there for depth, not all of them will make it, but the competition level there means we’ll have a good one come out of it.
  5. I actually really like the LB group. We’ve actually got some starter depth here now. The videos I’ve seen of Jaylon going through drills without the brace sure look like he’ll be ready this year. We’ve got our first round pick who has some very nice speed, and size to play MLB, something we’ve been missing. We still have Lee, one of the top LBs in the league, despite the injury tag he’s been given, he’s only missed 7 games in the last 3 seasons, which is pretty good for a LB in today’s NFL. But, even if he does miss time, we aren’t nearly as dry at LB as we were. Wilson is also a really good depth LB.

the things I’m most curious about, is centered around the passing game. Our playaction should be a centerpiece to our offense. Zeke will be Zeke, which means they have to respect it, and they have to respect Dak being able to run. If we we the right route combos out of our receivers, our passing game could be fun to watch as well.


Good point Re: Bailey. He used to be so automatic I called him “Cash” Bailey. We seem to have a way of getting kickers to be REALLY good for the first few years with the team and then becoming less than average, I hope we are not about to see a repeat.

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1.- Play calling on passing game.
2.- WRs chemistry with Dak and viceversa. Who is going to be Dak’s wing man?
3.- Not having a proven TE, well just a veteran.
4.- Lee’s health.

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  1. Tyron and Lee remaining healthy
  2. Dak’s passing accuracy
  3. Linehans play calling
  4. Jerral and Garrett staying out of the way
  5. Safety play
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I have one main concern that trumps all others.

  1. Jason Garrett
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This year it was the Bank and the Insurance co…
But I believe I’ve won the day with both of them …I’ll know for sure by the month’s end.
Now…It’s getting close to football time again…life is good!

Indeed an important one lamtd!!

But I see Garrett as the Chairman, acting LIKE the head of the office (in this case solely for the coaching staff) but not coaching any area (like offense defense and so on), because he is only on particular activities (game reviewing at the film room, player counseling and so on) and mainly unwinding as the spokeman. With this array, FO has paved the road to change him anytime at the lowest possible cost, but at the same time FO can keep him as the scapegoat of their decisions. Why? Because Garrett doesn´t have upside and his celing is so low.

That´s why FO is not in a hurry to replace Garrett. But don´t get me wrong, there are no more heads to cut. The question here is: What is Garrett’s level of responsibility for Dak’s success or failure?

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I worry about coaching period. Bleed IMO the Anthem thing doesn’t bother me because

  1. it never mattered before
  2. no one cared before
  3. it doesn’t effect the play on the field

None of the Cowboys knelt last season, I couldn’t care less what other teams do. I JUST want this team to be treated fairly

Hell the eagles had/have the more activism on their team than others, they have something the Cowboys haven’t had since 95

That hurts

Certainly “I JUST want this team to be treated fairly” is a huge worry we all have: No more biased rulings!

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Thanks Catch. I meant to include “The Eagles won the Super Bowl” among the bothersome things …

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