Welcome to the New ITS Cowboys Forum

First off, welcome! If you followed us over here from the Vanilla setup, thank you for your patience, but if you didn’t, then this is all brand new to you.

I’d recommend all new users at least familiarize yourself with where the FAQ is. You can find it in the top bar on the right, under the hamburger menu (3 lines):


This site is pretty simple to use.


You can register with your email and a password, or you can use register using your Twitter account (don’t worry, this does not give us access to your account). It will simply grab a few public details from your Twitter profile, and then ask you to enter a password to use here. Please do not use your Twitter password on these forums, it’s just not good security to reuse passwords across multiple sites.

Upon registering for a new account, you will need to check your email for a confirmation link. This is entirely required and unavoidable. If you feel you made an error, like a typo in your email address, head over to https://insidethestar.com/contact/ and let me know. I can delete the erroneous account so you can start over.

New Users

Be advised that new users may be limited from posting too much until they’ve spent at least 10 minutes on the site, viewed 5 topics, and 10 posts. Gotta fight spam somehow (as much for you as for us). If you get a message saying you can’t post again for something like a day, just make sure you’ve reached the above requirements to gain Trust Level 1 (Trust Levels are automatic and incremental based on activity).

Fighting spam is the goal, but there is some adjustment required. If you get some sort of rate limiting, send me a message and let me know.

Thanks for checking us out, and enjoy your time here!

Can you post videos here? Youtube, etc? I haven’t seen the function and thought maybe I was missing it. Also, do you just use the hyperlink function to post tweets?

if you have just the tweet hyperlink on its own line, it will show the tweet within the post

haven’t tried a video yet


For most social networks, and even regular sites (like B/R) just paste the full URL on a new line by itself to get a link card/embed generated. Should be the same with videos, though I haven’t tried them yet. Can copy/paste images into a topic/reply as well (handy).

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Let’s see how this does.


Nice, thanks.

Yeah, I just pasted the URL on a new line for that YT vid.