i know I haven’t been here for awhile, but I came across something that made me freaking smile!!

I said for years Cowgirl Cas was a dude, turns out HE"S been outed as a 50 year old man named Albert C Beam!!

Apparently he messed with the right person who exposed him!! I love it when I’m right! To think Forney begged a MAN to date him for years LOL!! Had most of fooled too!

Look at the yahoo address listed

Lol. Poor Forny. We kept warning people it was a sham… Like you i am glad to have my suspicions confirmed

He certainly did. Me and Mike (the guy tweeting for me on @CowboysNation) put together a whole infographic outing him a few years back. Was a fun thing and got good traction too. Creepy ass old man right there.


Well, I must confess I was not sure but I didn’t really care. The only thing is why would someone go to all the trouble to pretend to be another gender. I guess he may be gay and seeking attention from men.

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