Unfortunately, Cowboys' Jason Garrett is exactly who we thought he was

Before I started reading this my first thought (honestly) was, I’m ready to defend. As i started reading I found I couldn’t argue with much of what was written. By the end I was agreeing with the guy.

Unless this guy wins they have to consider firing him after 2019. They better have more than 9 wins and win a playoff game. It doesn’t help the rotten *** Eagles won a SB. This team will be constantly ridiculed.

Damn shame he’s thought of as a clown nationally…but hey.

It’s only a shame because he’s the DC HC

sticking with dak over romo in 2016 and releasing dez say stephen is taking control. garrett’s next. and if he goes, he won’t go alone. linehan will be culled, too.


I’ve been wanting Linehan fired for at least 2 years now. But you have to ask, is it Linehan or Garrett with the gameplan / playcalling?

as I understand it, linehan runs garrett’s offense. but stephen had mandated change or else. I expect sanjay lal will have meaningful input into passing game and kris Richard will have some serious input as to the defensive scheme. i’m liking it.


This is make or break Cern. It’s an embarrassment the Eagles have a SB win. This was the ONLY team standing in their way. I’m guessing (hoping) they finally realized it and won’t play around

the eagles showed themselves to be a better coached team. lost their rt, best lb, and star qb and still won the big dance. garrett’s the last of jerry’s pet cats. tony, witten, dez all gone now. I liked the connor Williams pick. showed Stephen’s insight into the fact it’s going to be problematic resigning zack. just can’t pay a guard that much money.


Great Post!

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I wished we could just click on a “like” comment instead of the little heart symbol. there’s just something about it that bothers me.


I was thinking about Dez, remember how a lot of DC fans hated the guy? After he resigned they talked about how the game has changed and a #1 guy wasn’t needed anymore. Well now he’s gone and everyone’s saying the Cowboys will struggle without a #1

Go figure

maybe it’s because of all the SB rings he …nevermind

dez hadn’t been a #1 wr since 2014. the last 3 years he was jag material. not to mention a big pain in the butt. Stephen had enough.


As a former defender of him, I was done after he performed on the sidelines during the Seattle game, only to short arm the next ball thrown to him for an INT

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I quit liking him when he walked off the field into the locker room with more than a minute to play on the clock. showed his true colors that day. goodbye, good luck and good riddance to him.


I haven’t changed my tune about not needing a #1. I’ll eat crow and admit my mistake if proven wrong.

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I agree and I’m staying on this hill, as well. Dak is way better when spreading the ball around. You field a group of WR2s/WR3s and I think he will be just fine.


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a #1 WR is most definitely not a requisite.

however, it does require some creativity within the offense, and we’re waiting to see if the team handed to JG and co was the problem, or if it’s them.

It can be difficult to change a team’s course with established vets like Romo and Witten, and then being given a top flight WR and told to use him.

I still think it was more of a coach issue, but this year we’ll see plenty clear.


we have seen a constantly changing group of players fail under this coaching staff. Now that Tony, Jason and Dez are gone ALL of the players in Dallas were brought in by the current staff. The HC is the one constant.

Come on Jerry, The Toronto Raptors fired a coach who won more games than any coach in team history and got to the playoffs. It wasn’t good enough. Quit accepting mediocrity.


Both, Garret and Linehan, are accountable of results. I see both coaches as a team, so I don’t mind in which percentage the main decisions are made by whom or if the command chain is not working or what decision making process they run. All I see, and maybe future GM Stephen Jones, is that both coaches are running out of excuses and now the team has been debugged so this must be the “make or brake” season.