Trump administration in disarray

the canceling of the tv show Roseanne has the trump administration in total panic mode. what will potus do now that one of his staunchest and raunchiest supporters has lost her forum for making racist remarks.

I don’t think there’s any shortage

hell, southpark still airs I think, and half the time they’re probably promoting something he enjoys in an episode

the other half the time it’ll at least give him something to complain about on twitter

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The word racist has been used so often in inapplicable situations that it has entirely lost its meaning.


still think they should find different terminology than “web back”

can only imagine the bar room brawls that’ll get started when someone overhears it and mistakes the verbage and context

only to those who are racist.

i’m guessing the north Korean summit will be back on the agenda.

When you bring race up when a situation has nothing to do with race, you are greatly hurting the cause to eliminate racism. Those are the situations I’m speaking of. And, it happens all the damn time. You dilute the word until it has very little meaning anymore, and the true race issues don’t get the attention they deserve.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Everything about the disgusting roseanne’s comment was racist. Only a racist wouldn’t agree.

What no comments re Bill “can’t keep his dick in his pants” Clinton, Samantha Feckless C you next Tuesday, Robert Deniro, Sally Field, etc, etc? Oh that’s right libs get a free pass on their hateful tirades.

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Racist comments offend me. Not stupid comments. I always called out posters. On for racist comments, but just ridiculed stupid commenters. Not surprised you don’t distinguish between the two. Go hug your trumpy bear.

So where are your comments re Joy Reid, Maher, etc, etc racism? Jimmy Kimmel’s behaviour and hypocrisy? Where is your calling out of those mentioned in the previous post? FREE PASS!!! Tipical

…Don’t worry about Trump.!
Worry about all the corrupt Politicians that have been smothering the life out of the American citizens for decades, worry about what their corrupt policies will mean for your children and .grandchildren.