Top players under 25

we need more players on this list!! Hope we have another good draft next year… that will be like three in a row!! I bet our guard will be on the all rookie team… our lb may take a year before he really starts getting it… but thats ok… he will still be an improvement over what we have had.

Amen on that!

the really sad part is we could have easily had three players on that team… but the cowboys did not draft smart. Fortunately the last two years they have drafted great… its not blind luck to have a good draft… its preparation its knowing the draft inside and out… its also about projecting the draft for the next year.

For example… the cowboys knew there would be wrs in the third… why? bc there was a ton of them this year that where rated as late first through second so some would have to fall… so they wisely waited… they did not do that the year martin was drafted… ton of good ones in the third round and i would argue that a couple of them are not far off as good as martin and you could have had them in the third and used your first on a defensive play maker.

I get your point, but without excusing FO, they got different priorities and after loosing Zeke, Tron and Lee, their plan just wrecked and unsmaked a lot of liabilities that those players were hiding (the idea was simplistic the run game sets the passing game and therefore the score, which allows to count less on the D). Now, I’m sure FO realized that having only a top O Line is not enough for a team like Dallas (maybe other teams can make it, but our team simply not). And finally FO got it: A balanced team with playmakers at some key positions and that’s what we are seeing the last couple of drafts and as you say “they wisely waited”. Maybe this is the best part.