Time for A Poll

Put me down for VEA…

One of our locals

Agree on Vea, I think the boys would take Vander though

If they take Vander Esch with Vea on the board I will lose my ever-loving shit.


Agreed…but we may want to warm up to the idea…

Vera for me as well

Tough call… I wouldn’t take a guard or wr round one.

My top choices… yes a few are not likely.
Trade down

If there they take Ridley but I say go D. Not following college, Vea.

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I do like trading back a couple spots and picking up some more picks. Swapping FIRST’s while getting a SECOND & THIRD. p.s. While still getting our PLAYER.

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I do not see Jerry cutting Dez if he does not take a cut. But can anyone see him trading him on or around draft day for picks? If yes, what do you think is his value? Would it be enough to bundle and move up for, what’s his name Chubb?

someone may trade for him, but it wouldn’t be enough for that

might get a conditional 2nd or 3rd at best I think

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Very interesting!