The trump triad

we have recently read posting regarding the Clinton cartel. soon I will be releasing evidence of conspiracies affected by the trump triad. seems the triad’s war against education has taken on a more sinister approach. school by attrition. by the triad and the nra’s unrelenting support for our “2nd amendment rights”, the sanctioned killing of school children will make them too afraid to attend class. a large win for the triad. the sanctions imposed on metals by the trump triad will make the cost of all things requiring metals to rise significantly. and the triad’s pulling out of the iran treaty made it possible for Israel to launch strikes against them in Syria, furthering the odds of another middle east war in an effort to show our tough guy image. but as the triad focuses on minutia, the Chinese and Russians get bolder by the minute. will kim jong un hornswoggle, boondoggle and mind boggle potus and the triad. stay tuned. more conspiracies to follow.

lol wut

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more to come. including the triad’s support of the porn industry by giving it so much attention lately.

I’m still not 100% sure what is going on in here. lol

read “a modest proposal” by Jonathon swift. :grinning:

I’m about to have to go to a meeting and only read a part of this, but this guy is proposing we cannibalize our children? WTH?

lol, really? I think you’re above that…

Like I said, I’m having a hard time telling if he is being serious or not, because that’s some pretty outrageous shit.

But what do you have against porn? What’d porn ever do to you?!?

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The Trump haters have basically just taken most of the Leftist conspiracies from the last few years and applied them to Trump. False flags and corruption, backroom deals, and intimidation. Not commenting on the OP’s remarks, just yours (you don’t want me sucked into these conversations…) haha

I have stayed away from anything political since joining this board, but this I may not be able to steer clear of. These claims are wildly absurd. So absurd that it made me question whether he was being sarcastic or not.

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Uh huh.

I’m still staying away from politics here. Making cracks both ways is where I shall stay.

Just try to keep it more civil than the Libs if you guys do get into things. Be calm, reasonable, and keep it civil. All I ask. Discussion, not backwards flaming and baiting. Not an easy task… hahaha

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I always remain civil when discussing anything, especially politics. If it begins to look like it is getting out of hand I will just walk off from the discussion.

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It’s called satire, ergo the swift reference. I would have thought you of all people here woulda gotten that. Oh dear Lord.

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Thank goodness. haha :joy:

Swift didn’t really want to eat babies. I just made up this ridiculousness to counter the Clinton cartel post made by another. He also wrote Gulliver’s travels.

Taylor Swift was eating babies? I thought that was just a line in her song
“Baby, baby you taste so good” “Baby, baby I am in the mood” “Baby, baby, you are my new food”

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