The Greatest Conspiracy of all Time – The War on Trump

This war is not about Trump being a wealthy man, all the members of Congress are wealthy themselves or they deal with wealthy people on a regular basis. This isn’t about him being a sexist or a racist. That is also common in Washington and Hollywood. This isn’t about Trump being a Republican or a conservative, there have been previous Republicans who did not face the level of opposition and resistance Donald Trump has faced. This is not about any crimes he committed in the past or about his personal behavior.

We have people on the left and right who believe that this war on Trump is ideological, it is not. This isn’t about his stands on the NRA, Right to Life, Religious Freedom, Free Speech, Globalism, foreign relations or any of the other crap they have been feeding us. This is about two things and two things only: The widespread corruption in Washington D.C. and a simple three word chant that Trump spoke and much of America embraced, “drain the swamp.”

Never before have the swamp rats in DC felt so threatened. Everything they have done since has been a direct response to prevent Donald from keeping his promise to “drain the swamp.” They have brought one frivolous lawsuit and slanderous claim after another against him to paralyze his presidency and keep him from directing attention to their activities over the last several decades.

Except for Douglas Campbell, I don’t believe that anyone who wasn’t involved in the corruption, including Donald Trump, realized the depth and breadth of the corruption in this country. When he promised to “drain the swamp” he probably figured that he was referring to a select group of individuals. Little did he know just how may swamp rats there are making their homes in Washington.

Although it might be easier to list who ISN’T involved in this I will attempt to provide a starting point and those with better resources can make the connections.

First we should start with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are the Swamp Rat King and Queen. They are the roots of all that is wrong in the Democratic Party and American politics in general. Their corruption is so widespread that their slimy tendrils have infiltrated every branch of the government. It is impossible to cite their misdeeds without naming virtually every department and agency in the US.

First Bill corrupted the state of Arkansas. Bill used Highway patrolmen to bring him women to prey upon and he was involved in Whitewater. Whitewater marked the FIRST time that the Clinton’s either hid, altered or outright destroyed evidence in defiance of court orders, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. This marked the beginning of their total disregard for the law and the constitution of the United States. It also began forming the large group of people who became involved in the Clinton’s web of corruption.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have been involved in the Clinton’s dirty deals, either in the actual commission of the crimes, the subsequent cover-up attempts, or the justification of or diversion from their criminal activities. The people they haven’t been able to corrupt they have been willing to blackmail or coerce into shutting up. Ask James McDougal what they were willing to do to silence anyone who threatened their kingdom. He was the one person that could bring down the Clintons in the Whitewater scam. He died in prison under extremely suspicious circumstances.

So we start the Clinton Crime Cartel Foundation with allies of the Clinton’s during their time in Arkansas. It didn’t take long for them to spread the corruption in Washington, as Bill used Secret Service agents to protect him while he had sexual encounters with a young lady who worked for him. Companies and Universities all over the country had rules in place about this kind of behavior, but in typical Clintonesque fashion Bill ignored laws and ethics and did what suited him.

He cheated on his wife, but it was OK because everyone understood why he cheated and she didn’t care. She saw Bill as a stepping stone and stayed with him, not out of loyalty to Bill, but out of her own self-centered ambitions. The affair was cheap and disgusting, but the crime occurred in the follow up. To this day I cannot understand how Bill Clinton escaped Obstruction of Justice charges. It was a slam dunk case.

This is where the second group of Clinton accomplices and apologists enter. This is also where the entire United States became permanently divided along party lines. Not a single democrat voted to impeach Clinton when obvious crimes were committed. They proved that their dedication to their party and staying in power was far more important to them than laws, ethics or honor.

So we see that the Clintons already had many people invested in them before Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. They had either aided and abetted in the crimes or they had become embroiled in the cover ups or they had staked their reputations on the Clintons defense and they weren’t willing or able to admit that they had been duped.

No one likes to admit they are wrong. The four most satisfying words in the English language are “I told you so.” For many people the three hardest to say are “I was wrong.” Much like Arthur Fonzarelli they choke on the words.

But more importantly, for the Elite leftists, they know their illusion of superiority will be shattered if they admit they are wrong and their long game is dependent upon their moral superiority. (See The Near Death of Pride on

The Clinton Crime Cartel expanded its influence globally during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State. Her Uranium One activities have embroiled all of the intelligence services and many of the Departments and Agencies of the United States in her crimes. They are all desperate to escape punishment so they have conducted the three ring circus Americans have been subjected to ever since they started to take Trump’s chances of winning the presidency seriously.

The leaders of the Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Commerce, Energy and Homeland Security, and two White House agencies, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Office of Science and Technology Policy all colluded with Hillary Clinton and Russia to sell US Uranium to Russian interests. THEN THEY TELL US THAT THE RUSSIANS ARE DANGEROUS? LAUGHABLE. Everyone involved in this crooked deal can be counted as an active Trump enemy. I am sure investigating their ties to Mueller, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper, etc., etc. would be very enlightening.

Everyone involved in the Benghazi cover up can be counted as an active enemy of Donald Trump. Everyone involved in the Iran deal and the cover ups relating to it can be counted as Trump enemies. Everyone involved in the Clinton EMail deletion cover up is an active enemy of Donald Trump.

Everyone who has ever been involved in the Clinton’s dirty dealings can be counted as Trump enemies, all because of three simple words, “DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

To see how Trump can defeat all this read “Breaking the Stonewall” at

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Oh dear Lord.

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what a disappointment

They should start by firing Scott Pruitt

Yep, if they are draining the swamp they need to drain all the rats, regardless of party

“First we should start with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are the Swamp Rat King and Queen.”
A lot words to only say that the Clintons are dirty…lol…of course they’re dirty!..But Obama is
the Community organizer…remember!?..So who would you assume is organizing this anti-
Trump campaign!?

  1. to say the Clintons are dirty is like saying the Pacific ocean holds some water. They have escalated corruption to a level never before seen in the United States. The fact that they aren’t in prison shows the breadth and depth of the Clinton Crime Cartel’s reach.
  2. I think that it is obvious to anyone who has paid attention that the words DNC and organized should never be used in the same sentence WITHOUT the word “not” in between them. I have never seen such incompetence. The last time they appeared organized is when they screwed Sanders in the primary election.
    The Democratic party STILL fails to recognize why they lost and that is why they will lose big time in November and in 2020.
    What are they failing to recognize you ask? THE AVERAGE AMERICAN. Trump went coast to coast and ASKED people what they thought. He KNEW what they thought. By contrast the Dems have done nothing except TELL people what they are SUPPOSED to think and be. They sit in their gated mansions and parrot back their drivel to each other and they are so distant from the middle class that they are completely clueless.
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In regard to Scott and Merlin, my opinion is that with the democrats it is about party and screw what the lowly people of America think. The Senate and even the House is about keeping a job that pays under the table and does little to make America Great.

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Maybe they didn’t start with firing him but they finally got him out. (Pruitt)

Trump: ‘The Era of Global Freeloading’ Is Over
Jun. 28, 2018 copied!
President Trump says the era of “global freeloading” is over. He told rallygoers in Fargo, North Dakota, that his tariff standoff with China, the European Union and Canada is aimed at fixing his predecessors’ “disastrous trade deals.” (June 28)

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…I believe Scott and Winstar pretty much hit the nail square on top. IMO
What we have here is one completely Socialistic and Corrupted Democratic party, and about 1/2 Socialistic and Corrupted Republican party…and it’s growing more Corrupted and Socialistic every day.
It’s a real shame that the American people have such crappy leaders…but the American people
elected them. Whether they were tricked ,or lied to really makes no difference in the long run…it’s still their fault.
I’m for establishing a Constitutional Convention of States Summit. Bring the Constitution back into the forefront of the American dream, and start anew; and for the most part just throw the bums out.


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You nailed it Merlin. We have the freedom to make things better. The problem is that stupid voters elect stupid politicians.i have talked about blowing it all up and starting over, but you have to educate the voter first.
Our freedom to vote and our freedom to choose what we buy allows us more power than any socialist citizen will ever have, unfortunately between the corporate, media and government ad and cover up campaigns it is very difficult to know who or what to believe.
The one thing I firmly believe is that individual rights are the most sacred

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…I agree…You know it’s still our country, America “ain’t” dead just yet!..Thank the man upstairs, and…!!!..??? reply is being erased before my eyes…there’s a ghost in the machine me thinks!

Not sure why your reply is being erased. Not many rules here.

its more than 1/2

LOL…it’s not the site…I was accidently erasing my words…carry on.

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