The end of football

I just heard Bobby Carpenter and one of the other local radio guys discussing the league’s attempts to get rid of the kickoff. The league states that people are 7 times as likely to get concussions on kickoffs as on any other play.

Is there any doubt that once they eliminate the kickoff they will move onto other concussion-causing activities like running, blocking and tackling?

It was hard enough to endure last year with the Zeke BS and the Colon Krappystink/Roger Badsmell opera going on. I watch football because it takes me away from the day-to-day, not so I can be reminded of it.

I watch football BECAUSE it is a contact sport. It has been difficult enough watching them bastardize the game and make it nearly impossible to play defense. Each year my interest declines a little more. If they remove hitting from the game they will remove ME from the game. I will NEVER watch a game of flag football or whatever crap they are going to spoon feed us in its stead.