The death of sports

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to allow sports gambling nationwide and state after state is scrambling to get it set up I am not sure if I will ever watch again. It is bad enough being a Cowboys or Canadiens fan and believing that the league is out to get you. NOW, with gambling added, I will find myself questioning every mistake by the officials or the players and wondering just how much that QB got paid to throw that pick, what did the RB earn for putting the ball on the ground, was the ref being paid off., etc., etc.

I foresee MS-13 and other gangs coordinating nationwide to place wagers and then influencing the outcome of games. It was bad enough when it was limited to Vegas. It will be far worse at the collegiate level, too. Those players aren’t earning anything and some of them may never play beyond the NCAA, how hard do you think it will be for them to influence THOSE players? Not very hard I bet.