The call, the defense and regression to the mean

Coach Marinelli has served us well and will be missed should he ever retire. But if he does, he will have left us in great hands with Coach Richard. The defense wasn’t perfect in our loss to Houston but they played hard, fast and smart. Goal line stops, tight coverage, takeaways and intense pressure on the QB were all on display. Turns out though, even with all that, you still need a little help from your offense :frowning:

I like Dak’s character and commitment. He may very well develop into a great quarterback someday. But the truth is he was graded by our coaches to be the 3rd string QB when he became the starter. Out of necessity, he went in and did really well. However, every NFL player’s performance is always the sum of his skill and his luck. Skill is what it is. Luck fluctuates and can go in the positive or negative direction… but it generally averages out to zero over time. You just can’t be extremely lucky forever. Dak’s current performance is simply regression to the mean. He still needs development time to improve his skill. Is it too much to ask to get him a real QB coach… can you hear me, Coach Dungy?

I won’t be in the camp blaming JG for the 4th down call. At that point, the decision was, who can we trust more? Offense or defense? He went defense. Based on the previous down, I can understand that decision. Hopkins made a hell of a play. We lost.

Whether you like the 4th down call or not, regression to mean also shows you can’t write off mediocre team performance year after year to bad luck.

2019 wishlist: New head coach, new offensive coordinator (and please take QB coach with you), and a first round WR pick.

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