The bright, shiny, silver lining

I typically watch two or three NFL games per week and one of them is always the Cowboys. Because I’m from Dallas, I’ve been a lifelong fan whether they’re winning or losing. This week, I also watched KC and it was amazing to see the contrast between the two teams. Yes, Mahomes appears to be one of the best QBs playing today, but KC’s creativity in play calling is even more impressive. Andy seems to have figured out that running up the gut too often is a sure-fire recipe for disaster (even when you have Kareem Hunt). Andy seems to believe, most NFL defenses can take any one thing away from you. Kudos to him.

I realize we lost (again), but I still don’t believe we have a huge player problem. I see WRs getting open. We have a beast of an RB. Our defensive unit could ascend to number one. Our O-Line is still getting it done often enough. Yet we’re mediocre at best at the thing that matters most, winning games. We have been for years except for an occasional anomaly.

I make no claims to being Tom Landry reincarnate, but I’m dumbfounded by the absurd idea that Dak doesn’t need a bonafide QB coach. Like all QBs, he needs to be reminded that it’s okay (no, necessary) to throw the ball away sometimes. He had an easy TD with Beasley wide open in the end zone, but somehow that read never happened. It didn’t appear to be due to duress on that play either. All QBs will occasionally miss, but it shouldn’t happen on short open throws to Zeke in the flat. And for God’s sake, he needs to slide! Preferably feet first when defenders are closing in. The idea of having him run is to help the team win not become a sacrificial offering to the football gods.

Yes, the bullshit penalty on the missed FG denied us a shot at OT. But It wouldn’t have ever come to that if the team was better prepared.

Jason Garret: Please tell the Dallas fanbase how many chances you need to ascertain how you compare to today’s elite head coaches. We’re hoping you can accept that 144 is at least 96 too many.

Scott Linehan: Times change. The game evolves. You should too.

Kellen Moore: Please follow Linehan when he goes.

Jerry Jones: Play calling and coaching actually matter. A lot. Fortunately, these are two things the richest team in football can rectify with nothing more than a strong enough desire to win.

Fellow fans: The note to J.J is your silver lining.