Surprise attack in Dallas

There are several things to be grateful for this week but perhaps none more so than coaches Marinelli and Richard. The defense unleashed unmitigated aggression while maintaining situational awareness. Defensive backs used the sideline superbly. Defenders covered up Barkley like a swarm of angry hornets. Proper positioning and a hellacious pass rush easily kept Odell in check.

As fantastic as all that is, there are even more reasons to be excited about the Cowboy’s defense:

  1. Additional firepower is returning soon
  2. The gamble on Jaylon’s recovery is clearly paying dividends
  3. LVE is looking like the real deal

On the offensive side, you may have been dismayed by the limited aerial success. I say don’t be. When your defense is rock solid, simply taking what opponents give you, without turning over the ball, can win games.

Dak probably missed a couple throws when he had people open and plenty of time to set his feet. That’s okay. He doesn’t have to be a sniper consistently picking off targets half a mile away. He’s smart, athletic, strong and committed and those traits make him a formidable weapon when used in the right manner. A sharp Swiss Army knife can be more effective than a sniper rifle in the right situation.

Kudos to Tavon on the bomb and to the whole team for limiting penalties. Thanks to JG and SL for being less predictable than Old Faithful.

I concur but offense need to play full gas and keep the variety of plays. Coaches must not content with the notion that “the D will hold the game” and the best indicator that the offense is far where it needs to be is Butler coming back. Where are you Hurns???