Some of the big draft "experts" graded out

I find it very satisfying that kiper did poorly in both 2015 and 2014

Pretty cool that guys like Ryan Ratty and Dane Brugler ranked in the top 5 here.

I know year to year it’s hard to predict and continue to succeed, but kudos to those guys.

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for sure…I was hoping to see brugler near the top when I looked at the 2014 one, and was unfortunately disappointed…ranked something like 45th

but to hit that high on even one draft (out of 2) is pretty great

man i wish i had been doing rankings oline sooner… i would have blown the top off some stuff in recent years…

had dak as a second round talent that could have went late first… had david johnson as the number two rb the year he was drafted.

had danille hunter as a first round talent.

i want to do a full ranking next year… or at least a solid 6 positions…