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With times:

Week 1 - at Panthers (Sept. 9, 3:25pm CST, Fox)

Week 2 - vs. Giants (Sept. 16, 7:20pm CST, NBC - Sunday Night Football)

Week 3 - at Seahawks (Sept. 23, 3:25pm CST, Fox)

Week 4 - vs. Lions (Sept. 30, Noon CST, Fox)

Week 5 - at Texans (Oct. 7, 7:20pm CST, NBC - Sunday Night Football)

Week 6 - vs. Jaguars (Oct. 14, 3:25pm, CBS)

Week 7 - at Redskins (Oct. 21, 3:25pm CST, CBS)

Week 8 - BYE (Oct. 28)

Week 9 - vs. Titans (Nov. 5, 7:15pm CST, ESPN - Monday Night Football)

Week 10 - at Eagles (Nov. 11, 7:20pm CST, NBC - Sunday Night Football)

Week 11 - at Falcons (Nov. 18, Noon CST, Fox)

Week 12 (Thanksgiving) - vs. Redskins (Nov. 22, 3:30pm CST, Fox)

Week 13 - vs. Saints (Nov. 29, 7:20pm CST, Fox/NFL Network - Thursday Night Football)

Week 14 - vs. Eagles (Dec. 9, 3:25pm CST, Fox)

Week 15 - at Colts (Dec. 16, Noon CST, Fox)

Week 16 - vs. Buccaneers (Dec. 23, Noon CST, Fox)

Week 17 - at Giants (Dec. 30, Noon CST, Fox)

Nice to have a week 8 bye.

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Not a bad schedule. If we show up, should be able to put up a solid season. Our games against the eagles will be the deciding factor on the division dinner

Not a bad schedule… Hope everyone stays safe, no suspensions, no bar fights etc… We need a STRONG HEALTHY TEAM.


I do think teams that play on thursday should have home games the week prior.

at least we don’t have an away sunday NIGHT game this year prior to thanksgiving…that ticked me off

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Or, teams that have Thursday games should only fallow bye weeks. Or, here is an even better thought, maybe do away with the damn Thursday games.

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If I am reading this right, we have two consecutive Thursday games. one on Thanksgiving and then the week after.

agreed, other than Thanksgiving…that’s tradition, and I don’t know what I’d do without football on Thanksgiving

help cook? spend quality time with the family?..might as well kill me now


Yeah, I would like to keep the Thanksgiving game. But, the rest can go away.

Just off the top of my head I see 9-7 as the floor for this team. Realistically looking at 10-6. Sweep the Giants and the Redskins and Split the Eagles to go 5-1 in the division.

at Panthers, at Texans, at Falcons, vs Jaguars, at Eagles, and vs Saints, are the games I could see them losing.

Panthers, Falcons, and Texans are toss ups for me though.

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Quality time soent watching Cowboys game counts for me…


And that’s always a win.

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correct, and I think that’s the way it was last year too.