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Is Bryant done in Dallas?

I would think so, but how? Cut, or trade for players or picks?

I think Terrence is gone. Who are we replacing him with? Dez gets cut and instantly makes whoever signs him better. Who do we bring in that makes us better?

Well, lot of folks are thinking Hurns makes us better, especially if we keep Dez. I don’t think Terrance Williams is going anywhere, though. Welcome to the forum, Willie.

Yeah, welcome Willie. AND thanks for the post.

BTW, I like TWill…beginning to think I’m one of a few…

Thanks man. Yea. He makes us better with Dez. I’m just frustrated it seems we’re doing nothing with a cap- friendly QB?..

I think Garrett and Linehan might have overloaded Prescott last season. I’m hoping we see an improved plan and scheme for Prescott. I’m sure Elliott will take some of the pressure off. Of course Smith being injured and Green not playing well did impact Dak’s performance.

People are so quick to forget what really happened last year. Yes, it took 2 weeks for the newly reconfigured offensive line to get in sync, but once they did, we were firing on all cylinders. Injuries and Zeke’s suspension really hurt us.

We all felt like we were gonna be close before last season, and we would have without the injuries and suspension, definitely a playoff team. We’re pretty much in the same boat now. The loss of Hitchens changes things a bit, but Jaylon getting up to speed and the development of Lewis, Awuzie, and Woods help mitigate that loss.

I can’t help it, I’m optimistic about DAL for 2018. Not always the case for me…

I’m hoping you are right. I need to see what we do with personnel in mainly regards to depth. I expect to see Smith and Lee back on the asthma field again this season. We also need either a G or T depending on what they do with Collins.

I guess we need to be on the Cowboys thread but the flow was here. What little there was.

Wait, this is the Cowboys thread but maybe a new topic. lol

I was hoping the Hurns signing meant a Beasley or T-Will trade, but now with Williams hurt, looks like the only trade option would be Beasley. I think Switzer can take over the role he has previously played. Maybe Beasley and a 3rd to Seattle for Earl Thomas. They needs WRs bad.

Williams hurt? I missed that one. I need to look it up. I like both Bease and TWill but some WR’s are gonna be released or traded for sure. I’m also pushing Daurice Fountain and Steven Dunbar Jr. later in the draft.

Yeah, Stephen announced the injury this morning. Said he will miss some offseason work, but wouldn’t be specific about the injury.

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I totally missed that news. But, sounds like it won’t affect the team come time to play.

Don’t like the idea of trading Beasley. Yes, Switzer has a similar skillset, but Beasley and Prescott have a relationship that skills alone cannot replace. Though it would be nice if Dak and Dez could get to that place.

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