Rotten *SS eagle fan

Wifey and myself went to a diner on Saturday before doing work around the house. We’ve been to this place about three times since we moved to the area, mostly the people have been OK. Well this day I wore my Dallas Cowboys hat. After being seated I notice an older man across from me wearing eagle stuff. He was literally glaring at me! A waitress he knew walked by and he said something to her about me. This tramp tells him to throw his sunglasses at me. At this point I’m trying to be the grown up, I was in a good mood so I just let it all slide. Meanwhile our waitress hasn’t even shown up yet and we’ve been seated for more than 10 mins!

Long story short this career server had a freaking tude too! I had to make the old bastard stop looking at me by calling his bluff and saying to wifey, look at this old bastard trying to intimidate me lol!

Needless to say I will never go to that hole again…over a hat…really?

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