Romo appreciation

I hope all the people who dogged TR his entire career have come to appreciate what an enormous talent this team squandered. I never felt like we were out of the game till the clock said 0:00 when we had TR. Now when we get down by more than one score I feel like the game is over.

This is even more disheartening given that we have a top RB and a defense on the verge of greatness. It will be two years before we can sniff a top QB and just what will remain of the talent we wasted hoping a 4th round QB who can’t throw is the answer? I know Romo was at the end of his career, but Dak was a bad bet that we will pay for for the next 3 years.

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Wise words. Now Romo is missed more than ever. Tony’s magic was enough to get the job done with any WR. So, I won’t stop calling for a new QB Coach, cause even with a legit new WR1, Dak can’t stop his free falling.