Randy Gregory

Been reading around the internet trying to gauge reaction about Gregory’s partial reinstatement. I keep seeing the same comment, “he’s been out of football for 18 months, rust blah blah blah”

Maybe I’m just ignant…this is football not brain surgery. I mean wth, go out there and hit somebody!

I guess my point is people act like it’s never been done before. Priest Holmes took what a year or two off and became a historic RB. I would think it’s harder for a RB compared to a DE

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I don’t see anything about how long Gregory has been working out but I have seen several post about him working out 3 times a week with a former DE.

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I for one am very excited (if you can’t tell). Could he really have been all that sharp in his previous mental state? lol

He’s been working with a former DE of the raiders and working hard to stay in shape. Everyone comes into training camp rusty, he’ll have some extra rust, but if he stays healthy, muscle memory will take over.

He’s not breaking the single season rushing record this year, but as a rotational DE, he’s got a TON of potential, and Marinelli’s defense is exactly where he can tap into it. DL is focused on penetration, and if he gets used on passing downs early on, he can really focus on that. Because of the suspensions, he’s under contract until or through 2020 (can’t remember), this isn’t his contract year, he doesn’t have to jump in week 1 as the 3 down starter.

However…let’s daydream just for a minute. What if, Taco makes a big step this year, AND Gregory by the end of the year is looking like a stud…we may not have to pay Lawrence next year, and save some of that cap space. Where we can fully enjoy having all 3 this year. Combine that with a young DB core with swag that looks like it can make a step of it’s own, another year of Irving (after week 4…), a LB group that includes Lee, our new first rounder, and looking like a healthy Jaylon…all of the sudden, this defense has the potential to be very dangerous. Still having the top OL in football and Zeke. Our odds at a deep playoff push aren’t terrible.

We just need a little luck…same as any SB champion ever.


Greg Townsend

See…this kinda shit here gets me all excited! Great post!

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You are damn right, hes is an ATHLETE (a TALENTED ATHLETE) and certainly he wasn´t anchored to a couch playing Madden 24x7 and eating burgers and fries. Obviously not, he was getting strong mentally and phsically to surpass his situation. For sure, whatever the treatment taken, was involved with “not being lazy and weak”. So all those brainless comments on rust are from cheap media and “experts” whose living is paid on bashing and proving wrong Cowboys (Rowdy included).

Having said so, these people seems to hearthly wish the failure of Gregory, because they don´t forgive recovery and success. So sad.

Well I wouldn´t mind keeping Lawrence next year and beyond, hope FO and him can make it happen.

I’m not against it either, but if we end up with 2 top edge rushers without him, both on rookie contracts, that’s a better situation for the team

I’m perfectly fine getting him locked up though, because one of the only thing better than 2 top edge rushers, is 3

Wise words!!

I’m very happy that Randy G will be back in TC.
Sure hope he stays clean…The Boys could really use his talent. :football:

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Hey!!! The NFL gave him full clearance. Hopefully he can stay on the field


I’m happy for Randy. I pray he stays clean and proves people wrong.

A bonus is he has to be mad…watch out


no doubt, I’m sure all those years of constant pot use suppressed a lot of rage, now it has to go somewhere…

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If he has any rage it will be due to lack of pot and 10 million in lost salary

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I don’t think it’s lost salary yet, he still has the ability to recoop that in the next 2 years.

I hope he proves to the team that he was worth the headache.