Primetimes Safety rankings 2018

Primetimek9’s Safety Rankings 2018
This class is not what the 2017 class was as far as star power however it does have some intriguing prospects.
*** If you do not see a player on my ranking it means I either did not scout him or I could not find adequate game tape to make an educational observation.

#1 Derwin James- FSU- SS/NLB- Freakish size and athleticism for the position. Uses long arms to shed blocks. Excellent pass rusher who will use length to get to the qb or knock down passes. Tracks ball carrier like a lion stalking its prey. Often playing LB/ has versatility to play lb on nickel downs. Physical player/ Sure tackler. Good in coverage/ has the ability to play center fielder as well as man up on TEs and RBs out of the back field.
Top Ten Pick
#2 Minakah Fitzpatrick- Alabama-CB/FS- A bit undersized for the safety position. Can get overwhelmed by blockers at times. Better suited to play corner much like Ramsey last year out of FSU. Versatile athlete with experience playing all over the secondary. Great ball skills. Takes good angles and is a sure tackler. Excellent in man and zone coverage. Will drive on the ball in coverage. Minakah can be a starter in the nfl at corner or safety. However, believe if playing cb full time he will transform into one of the better starters in the league.
Top Ten Pick
#3Terrell Edmunds- Virginia Tech-SS/FS- Very good athlete. Good sized Safety with long arms. Good tackling in the open field. Active player always looking for work. Can get lost in zone coverage at times. Solid in man coverage will break on the ball. Good ball skills will compete when ball is in the air. Has speed to cover receivers deep. Hard hitter.
Late first/2nd round
#4 Kyzir White- West Virginia- SS/LB-Big long Safety/LB. Physical player who doesn’t have great top end speed. Uses heavy hands and long arms to shed blocks and press receivers. Plays smooth and under control. Good hips will flip and run with receivers. High motor player. Big hitter that doesn’t miss many tackles. Smart player who takes good angles and is usually in position. Good on the blitz. Tackling machine who seen limited action at deep safety but doesn’t seem to be a liability due to range. Solid ball skills. Interesting prospect who could slim down and play safety or bulk up and play lb.
2nd round

#5 Jessie Bates-Wake Forest-FS/SS- Good Athlete with good speed for the position. Will save long plays from turning into TDs. Inconsistent tackler at times due to size not willingness. Very good in zone with solid ball skills. Solid in man coverage understands routes. He has some special teams value being a solid punt returner. Smart player in good position most often.
#6 Rashaan Gaulden-Tennessee- FS- Play speed is much faster then his timed speed. Plays with intensity and emotion. Loves to compete. High motor. Alpha mentality. Physical feisty player who has good coverage skills. Not afraid to make the tackle. A bit undersized… Is versatile can line up over the slot or in a traditional safety role. Has some honey badger to his game.
7# Justin Reid-Stanford-FS/CB- Good size. Athletic has great long speed.Can run with recivers deep. Quick change of direction. Covers from the slot a lot against ucla and looked good doing it. Solid in either zone or man. Not a physical guy especially around the line of scrimmage. Does not shed blocks well. I think he could play corner back in the nfl.
#8 Tre Flowers- Oklahoma State- SS/FS- Excellent length with long arms but needs to add some weight. Smart player usually in good position. Good tackler who will lay the wood. Excellent range and closing speed in zone. Did not see him playing much man. I think he is best at single high safety. He needs to add 5-10lbs but I see him as a potential stud safety in the league in a couple years.
#9 Dane Cruikshank- Arizona- SS- Good size- Super athletic. Played corner before moving to safety. Quick change of direction and time speed matches game speed. Plays fast. Still learning the position. Not afraid of contact. Versatile competitive player.
#10 Tarvarius Moore- Southern Miss- FS/SS- Special athlete who posses elite speed 4.31 in the 40. Converts speed to power when making tackles. Explosive hitter. Solid in coverage. Good special teamer. As much upside as any player on this list. Ultra competive.
#11 Marcus Allen- Penn State- SS/LB- Plays most of the time around the line of scrimmage. Physical at the line. Good off the blitz. Big hitter good tackler. Plays like a LB and almost as big. Uses hands well to shed and press… Plays hard. Gets lost in coverage at times. Big in the box Safety with nfl pedigree. Coverage is the question at the next level.
#12 Armani Watts-Texas A&M- Fiesta alpha dog mentality. Explodes into ball carriers. Centerfield type safety with good range. Will miss tackles going for the big hit. Needs to work on being more disciplined. Solid in coverage with good ball skills.
#13 Ronnie Harrison- Alabama-SS/FS- Big athletic prospect who has the physical tools to be a stud nfl safety. Misses way to many tackles in the games I watched (4). He is a smart player who is in good position but lets others make the tackle at times. Does not love contact. Takes questionable angles at times. Good coverage in man and zone. In a nutshell… he looks like
Tarzan but plays like Jane.
#14 Troy Apke-Penn State-FS- Athletic freak –Huge upside player. Spend most of time playing single high. Has excellent range. Instincts are still a bit raw. Only a one year starter. Sure tackler not a big hitter. Best years of football are ahead of him.
#14 Siran Neal-Jacksonville State- FS/NC- Covers ground quick. Excellent Tackler. Big hitter with good ball skills. Hard to block. Games speed is fast. Solid in man or zone. Physical well built player. Has played LB S and CB.
#15 Jordan Whitehead-Pit- FS- Fearless player with ability. Covers ground quick. Gets lost in zone at times. Not a great tackler. Has a competiveness to his game and will make plays. Character is a concern as well as injuries.
Best of the rest that I looked at… 5th -7th rounders- or guys I just couldn’t fine enough tape.
Deshon Elliot Texas
Joshua Kula-Nebraska
Damon Webb-OSU
Natrell Jamison-Wisconsin
Godwin Igwebuike- North Western
Trayvon Henderson- Hawaii
Tracy Walker-Louisiana
Quinn Blanding-Virginia


not huge on Bates, thought he let the play come to him, rather than trying to make the play too often. Which results in someone that looks like they’re not physical enough for the position. He’s a willing tackler though, once it gets to him.

was a big fan of Reid…he looks like a smart football player, with the speed to play any of the positions.

Ill be honest… i was sure about the safety ranking i did last year when i did it… and it ended up being pretty darn solid so far…

This one has so many guys who have something… but not the whole package just yet…

Tough class to evaluate…

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I have him and reid ranked pretty close… Bates was one of the first guys i scouted… and reied one of the last… that may have helped bates case a little lol

Good work, man. I’m a little surprised you have James ahead of Fitzpatrick, but other than that, there is not much on your rankings that I disagree with.

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Man i really appreciate that… I have james ahead bc i belive him to be a pure Safety… Fitz has talent for sure… i just think he is a cb more then a safety… And i have them both as top ten picks. and the next best safety i view as a 2nd rounder. I may have graded guys a little higher for tackling then i should have. Time will tell…
For instance Reid… great athlete and good player. I just knocked him for not being physical and his tackling abilities… or tackling want too… same with harrison.

also i was handicapped this year big time. it was so hard to find game tape… last year i would watch about five games on average of each guy… this year i was lucky to find one on some of these guys… draftbreakdown let me down.

How about a one year starter at S for our new secondary wonder coach to work with. He only ran a 4.32 40 with limited film. What say you Will McClay? Goes by the name Troy Apke. Played at Penn State.

Ya in the 6th

for the record moore needs to be moved up to 7