Predicting the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup in 2018

I know it’s just a prediction , but this guy will be wrong in a few spots

I swear this is the youngest team in the NFL.

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Not sure Crawford at 1T, even he is a swiss army knife. Most Likely DQ or Price. And T-Will neither, as much he will backup. For now he will be nursing his foot as part of the IR and Gallup will absolutely take his place.

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ya, he’s got Smith and LVE backwards, I don’t think they move Awuzie, and the starting CBs will be Awuzie and Jones with Lewis coming in for the 3rd CB, what will be interesting is who plays slot

putting Crawford at 1 tech is silly, Collins is expected back by preseason, don’t see him not starting at 1T week one, and Crawford wouldn’t be the guy they’d put there anyway. Crawford starts the season again at RDE, slotting Gregory to start there week 1 is probably sillier than Crawford at 1T.

I think he’s right with Williams though, at least the first half of the season. Second half of the season we could see someone like Gallup or Brown unseat him, but I think he starts to begin with.

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I’m thinking Williams may start the season on IR. I can’t help but pull for Gallup even if I am TWill’s only fan. I like that Gallup is talented, humble, excited to be a Cowboy.