[Poll] Windows, Mac, or Linux?

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For me, Mac has never been an option. It’s good software, and good hardware, but it’s not that good. Certainly not enough to justify the price. Windows was my point of entry. I was on Win 98 SE when I really got into things (still have that one too), and this was before the iMac even. Windows is good. Nothing is perfect, and most computers will only give you what you give them, but Windows has always served me well, even if that meant teaching me lessons on what not to do with a computer.

And now I’m getting into Linux. I work with Linux systems for hosting, so I wanted to try it out for myself, as a personal OS. Haven’t made the switch on my primary box yet, which runs Windows 10. I want to, especially with all the memory management I have to do on a fairly powerful machine (Chrome is a HOG!), but Windows still has 3 things I can’t live without.

  1. Photoshop - I know I can run it through Wine, but that’s buggy. Haven’t tried the newer CC wine app yet, but plan to when I test out Fedora and Debian soon. And there is no alternative to PS that even comes close (GIMP is trash, as are most of the others out there)

  2. MS Solitaire Suite - Not sure if there’s a wine app for it, but I need this. I use the app every night before bed to calm me down, to settle my mind a bit so I’m not still on when I get in bed. But it’s not jsut playing Solitaire (Klondike, Spider, and Pyramid are all daily for me), it’s the tournaments they do as well. So it’s harder to find a replacement.

  3. Office 365 (or Office 2016) - I’ve used all the open-source alternatives to Word and none of them compare. I’m one of those that can’t just let mistakes go as I write, I have to fix them, and Word has the best active automatic replacement system, period. Libre is close, though slow as hell on Windows, and yet it still lacks the spelling and grammar tools/functionality I need.

I know I can dual boot with Win 10 and Linux, but with Win 10 taking 5+ minutes to boot, that’s just too slow for me. I’m working on it though, because I want Linux as my primary. So my vote is for Linux.

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haven’t spent any time with linux

but besides the price, I really don’t think apple is near great enough to switch over to such a proprietary driven platform. Can’t stand how they can’t work with other industries to make life easier for everyone…even as simple as power cords so we can borrow them from other people without having to ask “what kind of phone do you have?”

Apple is such a pain. There’s pricing, but also compatibility. Even from my standpoint. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to troubleshoot issues with InsideTheStar.com that only happen on iOS (Safari is a horrible browser, as bad as Internet Explorer ever was).

Windows is just easy. But so is Linux. You clearly use Android, which is built on Linux :slight_smile:

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